What Type of Complainer Are You?

TV Documentary Sheds Light on Nightmare Customers.

Complaining customer

In the customer service industry you get to hear a lot of talk about seamless customer journeys, immersive end-user experiences, and the need to reduce customer effort.

Well, a new documentary from the UK called ‘The Complainers’ is showing a different side of the industry; those customers that just love causing trouble, who complain compulsively, and are definitely not looking for first contact resolution!

The response to these kind of TV programs is usually rather predictable; customers tend to agree with the commentators on just how awful the customer service industry has become.

The very first episode of The Complainers featured Transport for London, the organization that deals with transport in the country’s capital.

Looking through yesterday’s tweets featuring the #the complainers, it was amazing to see just how different the feedback was this time around.

The tweeters suggested that Transport for London’s customer service team are doing a rather spectacular job, and they were in fact sorry for the staff who have to deal with such unreasonable behavior from customers. The general consensus was that a lot of the complainers simply had too much time on their hands.

Jane Goodayle, Head of Marketing at Sabio, said that it confirmed just what an awesome job contact center staff do each and every day. Jane believes it doesn’t always have to be this way. Sabio are convinced that if organizations have the right customer contact environment it can play key role in helping contact center staff provide world-class levels of customer service. This means not just looking at technology, but making sure the right skills, expertise and processes are in place to help customer agents deliver.

The first episode of the complainers highlighted the fact that there will always be some customers who operate on the edge of reasonable behavior.

It also showed how important customer service staff are in today’s challenging world of customer service.

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