AI Skills Assessments for Customer Service: A Brief Guide

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The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the recruitment process has benefited the hiring practices of many customer service organizations.

This is made possible by streamlining the screening of potential candidates in several areas, which include evaluating personality, adaptability to the workforce culture, and, most importantly, skills.

Studies have shown that utilizing AI tools to carry out skills assessments creates a more balanced review of applicants and can pull in the best talent in the service profession. Thus, if you’re looking to integrate AI into your candidate testing phase, you’ll need to understand what it entails and how it can be advantageous to your business.

Here’s a brief guide on AI skills assessment that can be applied to the customer service sector.

What Are AI Assessments?

Talent acquisition has increasingly become more complex for corporate giants and small companies. Many enterprises end up with a large pool of potential employees with impressive resumes, experience, and knowledge. Thus, recruiters and hiring teams would have to devote considerable time and extensive resources to find the right person. This is where AI assessments come in handy, as they’re a way of narrowing down the candidate list using artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.

These are automated assessments designed to objectively discover and identify suitable talent based on the information gathered from each applicant. Additionally, many of the best AI assessment tools have programming that can keyword scan resumes, conduct employment history checks, and modulate questionnaires based on each answer. These tools can trim down the candidate list by immediately disqualifying those who don’t meet the standards.

 What Skills Are Included In The Assessment?

The customer service sector requires workers with specific soft skills and personal qualities since it’s a public-facing role. These are necessary competencies that employees should have to ensure customer satisfaction and brand trust for the company they work for. However, many of these skills are difficult for recruiters to assess during interviews.

On the other hand, AI tests can be used to conduct Customer service skills tests based on questionnaires or simulating customer service scenarios and gamification that candidates partake in to prove their proficiency. In relation to this, service scenarios can either test how applicants conduct themselves in a support role or an administrative duty. The soft skills assessed include but aren’t limited to:

  • Empathy
  • Leadership
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Patience
  • Service Quality
  • Dedication
  • Attitude
  • Information Retention
  • Escalation Handling
  • Community Management And Engagement

These customer service assessments are conducted before the interview process. This is done once the AI program has determined the best performers. Additionally, they can be set to match the experience level of candidates. This ensures that mid-senior experts, interns, and new graduates can compete fairly with their peers.

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How Can AI Improve Customer Services Hires?

One of the main benefits of using AI to evaluate candidate potential is eliminating subconscious hiring bias during recruitment. Partiality is a scientifically acknowledged inevitability of using people to analyze applicants and talent during the early stage of the recruitment process. On the other hand, it can also reduce the likelihood of a bad hire, thus making AI the most helpful solution to prevent these issues.

Therefore, since AI programs operate purely based on machines with no emotions or preconceptions, they can level the playing field and create a fair candidate hiring experience for everyone involved. This, in turn, can lead to a more diverse workforce. Studies have shown that a diverse workforce performs better and generates more revenue within their sectors, especially in the retail and customer service industry.

Benefits Of Using AI To Build A Long-Term Workforce

As much as recruitment is about hiring candidates, it’s also about attracting top talent and making an impression to persuade them to join a company. This strategy is key to building your ideal customer service team in the long term. Many new hires in the digital era find AI assessment a more engaging and pleasant experience to get familiar with a specific position and what’s expected of them.

This is preferred over the usual two-step resume and interview process. What’s more, an improved workforce hired based on skills can help create a positive work culture where employees feel supported, integrated, and valued members of the staff. When workers feel satisfied in their customer service jobs, employers can expect high retention rates.


AI skills assessment programs were created as a better means to test applicants during a recruitment drive and reduce unconscious bias in hiring. For the services sector, this is vital as many of the requisite skills can’t be assessed with an interview. The evaluations use real-world situations to evaluate whether prospective employees have the skills you’re looking for.

In this case, you can rely on machine learning to bring only the most qualified applicants for your recruiter to choose from. Thus, it can expedite the talent acquisition process with less effort and establish the right conditions to create a strong customer service workforce that will stay with you for years to come.

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