8 Ways Web Design Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

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Making sure your website design is properly done with the assistance of a professional website builder will definitely help improve the customer experience(CX) you offer. Speaking of a professional website builder, there are many reliable options to select from. As a matter of fact, each one of these website builders is reliable and thorough when it comes to enhancing customer experience by providing cutting-edge website design.

Web design, which encompasses many different aspects such as webpage layout, graphic design, and even content production plays a vital role in customer experience. Before I explain a number of ways in which it works in enhancing customer experience, it is imperative that you understand what CX really is, first.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer experience is the holistic perception that the customer will have regarding the experience they have in interacting with your brand or business. It is important to note that CX can be impacted by many different factors including how easy or difficult it is to navigate your website, how simple or hard it is to get assistance from support, and how fast or slow the process of receiving the products/services they ordered from your business was. Everything you do contributes to your clients’ perception and their decision to keep coming back or not. With that in mind, great customer experience is vital to your success.

8 Ways In Which Web Design Can Help You Improve Customer Experience

1. Great Web Design Enhances Your Site’s Visual Appeal

How a website looks can directly have an impact on your moods and your interaction experience with it. Some websites feature incredible visual elements that are just hard to stop admiring, making you want to stay on them longer than you need to. When your design is topnotch, your site will have incredible themes and colors, fonts, imagery, as well as other visual elements that are sure to light up the customer’s moods and experience with your brand!

2. Well Thought Out Web Design Improves Your Site’s Navigation

Navigation is the process of exploring a web page or several web pages in order to look for information, purchase an item, cancel an order, or perform another action. Some sites can be very difficult to navigate because of poor design, which makes it difficult for users to locate, understand, or operate their elements. For example, these sites will have some vital elements such as “sign up” link, “cancel order” button, etc, located in spots where they are not very easy to spot and navigate to, forcing customers to seek out assistance. That’s horrible CX that deserves being improved by redesigning the pages through the process of web design.

3. Good Web Design Promotes Your Website’s Stability

If a website is not designed accordingly, it will be riddled with bugs and bedeviled by frequent crashes that can be relatively frustrating to the customer. Imagine how exasperating it can be trying several times to purchase an item on an e-commerce site but getting an error message each time you click the order/buy/purchase button beneath the item! Website instability is a negative impact of poor web design, which can be fixed by improving the design.

4. Perfect Web Design Makes Your Website Perfectly Responsive

It is not surprising the fact that despite Google unveiling strict ranking penalties for nonresponsive websites a few years ago, some sites still have not worked on their unresponsiveness. A non-responsive website is one that does not work well on certain devices like mobile phones or tablets due to conformity issues to the hardware in question. Consequently, it becomes challenging for the users to browse them on those devices seamlessly leading to poor customer experience. The good news is that the CX provided by such websites can be improved with proper web design, which can help make conform well to any device.

5. Great Web Design Improves Your Page Load Speed

Some websites are notorious for slow page load speeds. These unpleasant sites compel customers to wait longer than necessary in order to open a page, making life hard. According to Google, a site whose pages take more than 2 seconds to load is a horrible experience to customers. Having a reliable professional web designer enhance your website’s design can help improve your page load speeds, saving the customer the long, unnecessary wait, and improving the CX.

6. Excellent Web Design Ensures User-Friendly Content

As said earlier, web design also entails content management. Great web design will ensure your content remains pleasant to the reader. Good content does not sound negative, harsh, rude, or even criticizing to the reader. In addition, it does not scare away the reader with elements such as disturbing images, etc. Last but not least, the content must be easy to read and understand with zero or minimal technical jargon.

7. Outstanding Web Design Will Minimize Potential Website Uptime Issues

So a friend tells you about a website that’s offering a limited 80% discount on all laptops. They urge you to act fast since the offer is ending in the next two hours or so. Since you’ve wanted to buy a laptop but the lack of cash keeps holding you back, you decide to not let this deal of a lifetime pass you by just like that. So, you grab your phone and try to visit the site only to be treated to a “This site can’t be reached” message. Disappointing to say the least, right? Well, that’s how terrible the experience of interacting with a website that has uptime issues can be for your customers!

Your website’s uptime isn’t affected only by the stability of your host’s server and other necessary resources. Apart from those, it is also affected by how your website is designed. If your website is not designed correctly, it will experience more downtimes than necessary due to conformity issues to the host’s system resources. Proper web design is a great way to minimize your website’s uptime issues, improving customer experience.

8. Great Web Design Improves Your Website’s Visibility

In layman’s language, visibility in search engine optimization (SEO), can be defined as how easy a website can be found by search engine users who perform searches for the keyword(s) for which it ranks. Did you know that your web design has a direct impact on your website’s visibility? Yes, having great web design helps search engines understand your pages better, ranking your site high. Consequently, that improves your website’s search visibility, allowing customers to find it easily, which is another aspect of great customer experience.

Final Thoughts

Providing great customer experience is the key to success in e-commerce. As a matter of fact, having outstanding web design can be a perfect way to improve your customer experience. Having said that, the above are some of the ways in which web design can help improve CX. Use this guide to make your site more successful with great customer experience.

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