8 Fool-Proof Strategies for Customer Retention

Customer retentionKeeping customers is critical in these unpredictable times. Here are a few tips for success.

Customers should be your business’ best friend. You have to strengthen your bond, update them with the latest news about your business, communicate regularly, and be there when they have problems.

Retaining customers is made through building relationships with them, and is not done overnight. However, you will have a better chance that customers will stay with you with these 8 fool-proof strategies.

Personalize Your Approach

What businesses often neglect is the personal connection customers look for in a brand. Addressing the customer by his/her first name when you send an e-mail will make them feel that the message is tailor-made for them and not just a mass-produced newsletter. People patronize a business because they see it as a go-to brand and comfort zone that’s why you have to make them feel at ease by maintaining a friendly, professional relationship.

Stay Connected

In order to retain customers, you have to stay connected to them. Strengthen the ties by sending monthly newsletters that update them with the latest offerings of your business or send them an SMS that there is a sale coming up. This way, clients will feel that they are not neglected and that their presence is valued by the brand.

Give Them Special Treatment

Who doesn’t want to be treated as kings and queens? Give long-time, loyal customers a little special treatment by giving them a gold membership card that entitles them discounts and freebies from the company. This will make them feel that they are different from the rest and boost their ego. Treat customers during important occasions like their birthday or during the Christmas season. Wrap a small gift along with their purchase or send them a greeting card through e-mail.

Engage Through Social Media

Social media is one good way to promote a business–whether you’re a brick-and-mortar company or an e-commerce site. Know what platform works best for your business by identifying where your targets ‘hang-out’. For instance, the artsy crowd likes to use Pinterest, which design-related businesses can take note of. Clothing brands should make an Instagram account to monitor the Outfit-of-the-Day (#OOTD) posts of their customers.

Social media is also an avenue where brands can provide related content which customers can appreciate. Cosmetics brands may opt to post a blog on how make-up boosted the self-esteem of a certain woman and link it on their Facebook page. They may also choose to pin a post on Pinterest on how to play with eye shadow colors, or just tweet regularly and ask what look they are wearing today.

Learn to Say the Magic Words

Always make your customers feel good about themselves by using positive words. ‘Thank you’, ‘Free’, ‘New’- they like hearing these word, Not only does it attract attention, but it also associates the brand with generosity- a trait that can give a good image for the business.

Be Courteous and Friendly

It’s hard to keep your cool when customers complain about your service and your products, especially if they are already raising their voice and calling you names. No matter how hard it is to stay calm, you should never lose your composure.. Maintain a friendly but stern tone to prove your point while explaining. The misunderstanding may remain unsolved but keeping your cool can preserve the relationship with the clients.

Go the Extra Mile

Superior customer service goes beyond what is “expected” from a company. Learn to read a situation to be able to make your brand relevant to the client. Always ask what else they need or observe if they are having a hard time choosing from the rack. Some are already contented with what’s presented in front of them but your role is to give them something they don’t realize they want and need.

Be Honest

Be professional and only give the accurate information about your products and services, no matter how tempting it is to brag that your brand is the “number one in the market.” Be upfront if there are additional costs needed before customers purchase an item. For online stores, it is good practice to be transparent about shipping fees or handling fees to avoid any misunderstandings. It is also a good way to gain customer’s trust which is a factor why they keep coming back to a brand.

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