7 Marketing Courses Every Business Student Should Take

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Marketing is a crucial part of a Business degree. It is also a rapidly changing field of knowledge, especially when we talk about digital strategies. Every day, people invent new tools, conduct new behavioral studies, and implement new strategies. That’s why it is important to always improve and study more.

This list of excellent marketing courses will help one to start their education in this field, learn a particular skill, expand their knowledge, or get an industry-recognized certification. And if you are worried about balancing it with other studies, there is help. You can try visiting a site such as https://essayhub.com/do-my-essay to get some inspiration. It is am interesting platform that can help with your writing, from a narrative essay to a term paper. Now let’s check out these excellent online programs.

1.   Introduction to Marketing by The University of British Columbia

This program is available on EdX for free, but if a student wants to receive a completion certification, it will cost $150. Overall, it is a great starting point for those who want to have detailed basic knowledge on the subject. It is created for beginners, has a self-paced rhythm, and can be completed in 6 weeks. You’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing, customer segmentation, metrics, and pricing strategies. It also uncovers buyer’s psychology and behavioral patterns.

2.   Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

Those who are interested in all things digital, including promotion and attraction of new clients, will love this one. It is created by Google, so the data is extremely relevant. And it is completely free and open for everyone. After completion, you’ll receive an industry-respected certificate (also for free).

The program is great for beginners and intermediate learners and it takes about 40 hours to complete. You will learn about web presence, creating an online business strategy, and building an e-commerce store. Social media, content, and email marketing are also covered.

3.   Marketing Analytics: Competitive Analysis and Market Segmentation by Berkeley

EdX has a great selection of programs in this subject. This one is a dashing example of a practical and well-built course. It is created for intermediate learners and takes 4 weeks. It is free to follow, but certification costs $249. You’ll learn detailed market segmentation and competitive analysis. You’ll be able to structure your target audience based on your analysis and use programming for that (programming language R for analytics).

4.   The Complete Digital Marketing Course on Udemy

If you are interested in an all-in-one option, check this program out. It consists of courses that cover almost everything, starting from market research and copywriting to WordPress, SEO, YouTube, social media, and Google Ads. It is very comprehensive and easy to follow.

The overall cost is $129 including the certificate. But the platform often offers discounts or coupons, so keep your eyes open for those. There are about 24 hours of video as well as different tests, quizzes, and tasks. So there is both theory and practice.

Digital Marketing student

5.   Social Media Marketing by Northwestern University

Coursera hosts an outstanding program for learners that want to focus exclusively on social media. After all, it has so much potential and rules, that a detailed course will take about 5 months to finish in this case. It is incredibly exciting, highly-rated, and very practical. You’ll learn how to leverage various social media, from networks to blogs and private sites.

By the end, you’ll be able to create a strategy for any web presence, whether it is a writing services reviews platform like https://nocramming.com/ or Instagram promotion of Dan Chaon Ill Will bestseller. You’ll also know everything about advanced analytics, learn to use specific tools, increase conversions, etc.

6.   Ultimate Google Ads Training on Udemy

This is more of a specific program, but it is extremely helpful. It has about 24 hours of videos that cover everything one needs to know about Google Adwords. It is also useful for beginners as well as intermediate learners. Upon completion, you’ll be able to create a successful Google Ad campaign. You’ll know how to increase traffic to any website. Students will also know all essentials about ROI calculations and conversion tracking.

7.   Digital Marketing Strategy by The University of Edinburgh

This is another outstanding program available at EdX. As usual, it is free to follow, but the certification requires a payment. The whole program will last about 8 weeks if you do 6 hours per week. You’ll learn everything you need to know about strategizing and creating a plan based on facts and research. It is well-built, comprehensive and quite interesting.

In Summary

Even if you are already acquiring a BA in Business, it is still a great idea to expand your knowledge. Online programs are an excellent way to learn new tools and skills. And students can even get an online degree in Marketing or Business if they are interested. These 7 courses are useful for beginners and intermediate learners. The best part is that the majority of them are available for free.

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