5 Ways to Figure Out If You Need a Home Warranty

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If you are planning to buy a new home or have already bought one recently you need to look for solutions that can help you keep your cost down.

Most homeowners are not prepared for the unexpected expenses that come in the form of repair and maintenance of home systems and appliances. Having the right home warranty can help you make the most of the options you have because with the right home warranty you can focus on repair and maintenance of home systems and appliances that are not covered by homeowners insurance.

Different homeowners today have different preferences and demands and therefore you need to sort through the best home warranty companies that offer the best plans that are perfect for your home.

Here are 5 ways to find out if you need a home warranty.

Know When the Home Was Constructed

When you are buying an old residential property you need to focus on how old the property has been. This is critical because that would provide you with a clear picture of how old the home systems and appliances would be. Various HVAC systems and appliances lose efficiency over years and might have technical faults and issues. This would mean that you might have to incur repair and maintenance costs. Having a home warranty would ensure that you can minimize the cost of repair and maintenance of these appliances and home systems.

Information in the Home Listing

Various realtors and homeowners today mention the home warranty that you get when you buy the property. Hence, you can look for listings that mention a home warranty right from the start. This would make it clear if you need a home warranty or not. To begin with, you can get the contract papers from the previous owners or get details from the realtor before you decide to buy the property. Also, you need to know what a home warranty covers to have a clear picture.

Get Review from a Home Inspector

Many home buyers today focus on hiring a home inspector that would do a thorough inspection of the property and provide you with a review. If you are unsure if you need a home warranty or not you can get a professional that can provide you with information on whether you should get one or not. If the home inspection review suggests any identifiable problems and damages or old appliances you need to focus on buying a home warranty. If you are serious about buying a particular property you shouldn’t skip a home inspection service.

Contact Appliance Manufacturers & Brands

If you are unsure about buying a home warranty you need to look for the product serial numbers on various appliances. You can approach multiple appliance manufacturers and brands and they can help you know if the product is under warranty or if you need to extend it. If the appliances are old and in poor condition, you need to look for a home warranty that can help you keep your repair and maintenance under check. Buying an annual coverage from a home warranty firm would cost you less than replacing appliances.

You Lack Fixing Skills

Various homeowners have the skills and knowledge about fixing minor technical issues and repairing appliances. If you don’t have adequate skills to repair appliances and home systems yourself you would have to call in the professionals that would do the needful. If you don’t have the skills to repair and maintain appliances it is better to buy a home warranty where you can have the professionals repair your home appliances. This would allow you to save time and money and ensure timely service.

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