3 Top Benefits of Smart Lighting Technology

Smart lighting system

Everything is going smart nowadays. From TVs to phones, water bottles, to vacuums, and now lighting? Technology is evolving at an alarming rate, and we must shape up or ship out.

Compared to conventional lighting, smart lighting is state-of-the-art lighting that offers you full control of your power, in both usage and consumption, with added advantages only accessible from smart light switches or smart bulbs.

What is Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a modern lighting technology created for security, energy efficiency, and convenience. It can include high regulation fixtures and automated controls that make simple adjustments depending on various conditions such as daylight availability or occupancy. It can be utilized in the office or home.

Smart lighting involves:

  • General lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting

It is not by chance that light bulbs were one of the first devices that used electricity. People need light because it keeps the darkness aside and allows us to continue with our work and activities. We routinely use LED lights for more efficiency, but smart lighting technology is becoming more popular these days.

With an automated lighting system, you will do many things that were not achievable before.

How Smart Lighting Works

Most smart bulbs can connect with a suitable hub. A hub is a package of hardware. To better understand it, correlate it to a wireless router for a computer. For best results it is better not to tamper with the smart bulbs after the initial set up.

You will be managing the bulbs with a corresponding app. The communicating app and the hub will take you through the installation set up and give you a wide range of lighting options.

Though bulbs are just enough for many people, you need to understand several other smart lighting technology components, such as intelligent switches. They both have advantages and disadvantages based on what you are searching for in set up, costs, and light quality.

Top Advantages of Using Smart Lighting Technology

Though it is a bit of fun to play with the light settings on your phone, it’s more than a stunt. Changing your traditional lighting for smart lighting gives you many benefits, such as control, mood-setting, and simplicity.

Here are the benefits of using smart light technology

1. The Ability to Save Power

With the capability to dim your lights available, it’s much easier saving electricity. This can save a fortune for businesses of all sizes.

You can manually dim your lights, use the app on your smartphone or tablet, or put up motion detectors. Smart lighting allows the use of motion sensors in each room where a smart light bulb or smart light switch is installed.

You can instruct your bulbs to switch off the light when no one is in the room and order the bulbs to switch the light back on when motion is detected in the room again. They use little power compared with the average bulb, without surrendering the warmth or the brightness you are used to.

2. Set the Mood with Color

You can adjust the color of your lights when you use LED bulbs. It is not just a cool gimmick. Changing colors come in handy when you are reading, ready for a nap, or watching a movie.

Some colors lower eye strain and enhance the quality of your sleep. That’s not all. Blue lighting can improve your moods, especially during those winter months when the sunlight is a bit scarce and cloud clover is impenetrable.

3. Smart lights help in detecting the motion

In some instances, smart lights can be easily activated when a sensor detects any motion. It is especially useful for security outside your home, as it can expose anybody to skulking around the house late at night.

It also makes things easier for your guests if they need to visit the toilet down the hall. It can even notify you if your children creep out in the dead of night or if they are sleepwalking.

The sensor not only turns on the light for your children, but a light can also power up in your bedroom to alert you if other people are walking about your house.

Nowadays, many people not only use lights to keep the darkness at bay; they use smart lighting technology to set the mood for various occasions, detect motion, and for comfortable convenience.

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