5 Exciting Features of An Advanced Last-Mile Delivery Platform

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Last-mile delivery is a terminology that is commonly used in the area of Logistics.

Last-mile delivery is a part of the logistics where the products and goods are transferred from the company hub to the destined delivery point. The main focus of this delivery system is to deliver the products as fast as possible with efficiency and safety. The current last-mile delivery system utilizes modern technologies software for making the process easier and quicker.

An intelligent last-mile delivery solution can be a good tool for addressing the pandemic issues affecting the world currently. This can transform the logistics business into a more efficient platform. It has become a necessity to make a good decision by choosing the software that can become quite overwhelming without proper knowledge of the enterprise. The current last-mile delivery platform has certain advanced features that make them more reliable and efficient. But along with that, it is necessary for you to understand more about last-mile delivery services.

Smart last-mile tracking

Last-mile delivery is a B2B and B2C service that is involved in delivering packages. With the increasing exponential curve in the delivery system, the logistic companies have altered their techniques with modern software tools. People nowadays expect more transparency while placing orders, making robust last mile tracking a key to efficient delivery operations.. To improve their satisfaction, the entire process of delivery is currently streamlined to them to improve their trust and assurance along with the brand. The current technology has allowed the delivery company to keep track of their drivers through real-time location tracking features and improve the efficiency of the operations. The customers can also contact the delivery service agents by placing a direct call or through chats if there is any issue with the delivery. Also, the date of delivery, along with delays, is informed to the client’s through text messages to ensure proper reception of the package.

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Optimized planning 

Route optimisation is a technique that is followed by most of the last-mile delivery companies. It is a method used to find the most reliable and cost-efficient route. The current last-mile delivery system uses the latest route optimization software to save time and improve efficiency. It does not matter whether the driver is experienced or not. They can also be used by experienced drivers to reduce the delivery time and also to ensure that they follow a safe route. The real-time GPS has allowed the drivers to reach the location on time without any delay in searching the particular address. This particular feature concentrates on including certain factors like location, time, traffic, and efficiency into account. But along with that, they also concentrate on making last-minute changes in the delivery address just by sending real-time updates to the driver.

 Data analytics 

Self-analyzing your techniques and performances is an important part of every business. Analytics is an advanced feature that has created a huge change in the last-mile delivery system. This software is essential to measure the performance of the delivery system every month to make changes and improvements in the upcoming deliveries. It has allowed the last-mile delivery services to manage the company using automatic data management and analytics features. In this design, the software will have the ability to check the status of deliveries, measure the performance of the agents, resource utility management and create a detailed analysis report on successful to failed deliveries ratio. This is the most advanced and significant component in the last-mile delivery system and can improve the revenues. 

Crowdsourcing delivery jobs

Crowdsourcing is a concept that is recently implemented in the last-mile solutions to avoid difficulty while managing operations during peak hours. In this technique, when the work or delivery rate increases during a particular time, the logistics company will assign work to external freelancers through the Crowdsourcing technique. In short, it is account software the company hires non-company members in the region to complete their work for a small paid amount. This will allow the computer to automatically assign the onboard drivers depending upon the proximity, cost, and urgency. This action of automatic dispatch using external members will reduce the delivery time, and the software is easy to operate, especially in modern technological conditions. In the case of our in-house delivery system, the concept of Crowdsourcing can be applied in regions that have deliveries very rather every once in a while.   

Online chats

Most of the delivery system nowadays uses advanced technology to make it more efficient and avoid mistakes. Getting the wrong product, misplaced goods, missing goods, delayed deliveries, and cancellations are some of the common occurrences in the business world. So to make these processes easier, the last-mile delivery services nowadays offer online help through their applications. This online support app informs the clients about their expected date of delivery, delivery agent, and contact number. Along with these features, the location and the status of the package are also informed through these applications and sometimes intimated through messages. Having an online communication service between the customer and the delivery executive will ensure proper delivery. This improves the trust among the users and increases transparency. 

These advanced features have made the concept of Last-mile delivery a big success. The self-analysis and improvement policy has allowed the process of last-mile delivery logistics to be more successful. When compared to the previous orders, they are more efficient and faster, with safety precautions that are followed during every step. These five exciting features had made modern-day delivery successful with low to free delivery charges and same-day delivery techniques.

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