5 Best Knowledge Management Software Options

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The options on this list are packed with unique features that help your business store, organize, manage and retrieve knowledge. Knowledge management software offers multiple knowledge-sharing approaches that can be used by your customers and employees. These options improve the customer experience and users can find quick and easy solutions without having to call support.

Knowledge management software offers a number of advantages, but there are a few important points to consider. Knowledge management software acts as the brain of many companies because it enables them to access and distribute data more easily. All data is stored in one central location, making it easier for teams to find the information they need.

What makes a good Knowledge Base?

Your employees and customers benefit from the organization of the data in several ways. Data is consolidated, which makes it easier for the team to find the information they need and allows you to share the information across the company with individual individuals. You don’t have to manually store, manage and retrieve information to create your employee directory of important information.

Powerful knowledge management software can help you take the entire knowledge of the company to a whole new level and improve the competitive advantage of the company.

Knowledge management software is a set of tools that enable companies to collect, store and share firm-specific information in one place. Knowledge-based software helps customers find the answers quickly and allows the internal team to focus on the most complex things and problems. A central knowledge base software provides users with a single source of truth, eliminating data that provide different answers to the same questions.

Knowledge management systems are IT systems with which organizations exchange information. Comprehensive knowledge management software focuses on simplified and quick resolutions for internal and external customers and executives. Now Knowledge Management is trying to reduce costs, provide faster problem solving, facilitate context entry and creation of new entries, promote better community engagement and provide knowledgebase management platforms that solve the problems people encounter in deploying such solutions.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best Knowledge Management systems:


Knowmax is an AI-ready knowledge management platform that offers a single source of truth. Knowmax can help reduce average hold time by up to 30% and reduce support cost by 15-20%. This knowledge management system offers an omnichannel experience together with a comprehensive list of services including Cognitive Decision Trees, How-to-guides, Knowledge base, Document management system, Remote visual assistance, and adaptive self-service. Knowmax offers the advantage of speed up access to information, consistent omnichannel CX, micro-segmented analysis, and improved CSAT.


HubSpot is an American developer which caters to multiple domains including inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. It also offers Knowledge management services.

HubSpot Knowledge Base has SEO capabilities to ensure that your library is easy to locate. By analysing your ticket and call data, the tool guides you to create knowledge databases around your important topics and topics where customers need support.


Helpjuice is a cloud-based knowledge base management solution that includes applications for creating and managing both internal and external knowledge bases. The solution can also be hosted on-premises for allowing access to internal servers together with restricting any access via public domains. Helpjuice offers customizable designs and styling tools that allow content creators to create personalized QAs for their knowledge base. The tagging feature helps developers to tag questions in multiple categories. Helpjuice also provides a customizable solution that allows businesses to match the styles of their websites. The solution is offered on a monthly subscription basis.


ProProfs Knowledge Base is simple but powerful software that helps companies create documentation and knowledge base help pages, FAQs, user manuals, user manuals, and more. It is suitable for small and businesses – use can be used to create knowledge base articles from scratch, import existing Word, Doc, and PDF files and publish them with a single click. It offers a variety of design templates to get started.

It provides a blurred search and is able to edit occasional typos, and includes a way for employees to make suggestions to the knowledge base without going through channels to suggest new articles.

Document 360

Document360 is a knowledge base platform that enables the creation of a help center, end-user interface, and the integration of multiple third-party vendors. With an easy-to-use document management platform, you can create, collaborate and publish a self-service knowledge base. You can connect your workspace to the Document360 REST API, where you can write and edit your database. For publishing options, look for formatting options for content such as rich text, hyperlinks, and images.


Choosing the correct knowledge management system is vital for an organization’s growth. One should be aware of the features and services being offered and the technology being implemented. Integrations must be thoroughly taken care of and objectives must be set straight. There are countless platforms offering knowledge management services on the web today but there are little aspects that make a huge difference.

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