5 Benefits of Social Media in Customer Service

Women using social media to contact customer services

Social media has become a hot topic in the customer service sector, and for good reason.

A recent survey by NM Incite found that nearly half of all users of social media channels, like Twitter or Facebook, have used these websites to reach out to companies for service.

A majority of these users are also likely to recommend a company to others if they receive satisfactory service from that company. It is beneficial to pay attention to social media when it comes to providing your customers with the highest quality of care. Check out these five ways social media can bring your customer service to the next level.

Everyone’s Doing It

According to key internet statistics social media continues to explode in popularity, as more individuals are turning to these channels to connect with friends and family and even do business online. Companies that recognize the prevalence of social media in today’s culture will be in a better position to leverage those channels to their benefit.

24/7 Customer Service Option

Social media offers the ability for 24/7 customer service like never before. Studies have shown that customers will frequently head to social websites if they cannot connect with the service department of a company through other means. Just imagine their surprise and delight when their Twitter or Facebook efforts put them in touch with an actual representative from your company. Just be sure to staff your social media appropriately, or you may end up with a frustrated customer that has to wait many hours for a Twitter response.

More Interaction Options

Social media offers one more way for customers to interact with your business. In addition to using Facebook and Twitter for communicating directly with customers, you can utilize those outlets to notify customers of upcoming promotions and sales. The style of interaction can also be tailored to your customer’s needs, whether they have a specific situation to discuss or simply want to interact with your company on a more casual level.

Effective Crisis Management

A customer that is not happy with your company may take his rant to his Facebook page or Twitter account. By effectively managing social media for such communication, you can proactively manage complaints in the social media realm for all to see. Customers that receive replies from companies on social networks often walk away from the situation satisfied – and may even share their satisfaction with others.

Ability to Sell Goods and Services

Interaction with your customers via social networks may alert you to specific needs your customers currently have. That knowledge can then be used to suggest goods or services to the customer that best meet those needs. This communication channel is just one more opportunity for companies to sell and cross-sell goods and services to customers, which can translate into a more robust bottom line.

Good, bad or otherwise, social media is a trend that appears to be here for the long haul. Companies that accept – and even embrace – that trend are in the best position to use social networks to their advantage when it comes to providing the highest level of customer service.

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