4 Jobs Vets Can Do While They Upskill

Serviceman searching for a job on laptop

Oftentimes, veterans leave the military without a firm plan for successfully entering the civilian labour market. You should know what kind of skills and education you need for your career of choice before you start your search and, importantly, how you can make money and pay your bills in the meantime. With that said, below are 4 jobs vets can do while they upskill.

Brand Ambassador

Working as a brand ambassador is a good job to do while you upskill and make your way into the civilian labour market because it’s a good way to earn some money and get your foot in the door of potential employers. Working as a brand ambassador might seem like an easy job, but it requires you to think on your feet and stay professional at all times.

Many offer working as a brand ambassador as part of their company training program or internship, and a lot of the work is part-time, so you have plenty of time to upskill and improve your CV.

Appointment Setter

Being an appointment setter involves answering calls for an insurance company. Appointment setters are responsible for setting appointments with insurance agencies that have already been approved by the underwriter or are being considered for approval. The emphasis of the job is on selling the services of the agency to prospective clients.

Appointment setter hiring managers select candidates who have excellent communication skills, persuasive abilities, and the ability to work on their own. Candidates must also be able to navigate various computer programs, including Microsoft Office, in order to effectively.

Customer Service

Customer service, especially remote customer service positions, is a great option for vets who are trying to improve their skills and education. This is because a lot of this work is part-time, or even at your leisure, which means you can schedule your work around your more serious labour market strategizing, all while making money and paying your bills.

Customer service jobs such as call centre or toll-free agent work, as well as online chat, email and web support positions can be done remotely either full-time for companies like Convergys and Best Buy (formerly Geek Squad) – which means you could conceivably do this type of work from anywhere in the country.

Delivery Driver

Being a delivery driver is a job that a lot of vets find works for them because it is work that tends to be either part-time or based around your schedule. Plenty of the biggest retailers in the country offers flexible hours that you can structure around other learning and upskilling priorities.

Many retailers also offer recruitment incentives for people with military service, and understanding those incentives can help you negotiate a better deal on your starting package and bonus program.


Finding a job that will allow you to make money and pay the bills while working on the education and skills you need to find work in the industry of your choice is the name of the game. It is possible to find a job that will allow you to do just this, but sometimes you have to get creative. You may even find that you need to cobble together a couple of different jobs in order to make ends meet. Keep the above options in mind as you transition back into the civilian labour market and workforce.

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