3 Online Business Ideas and How To Fail Them With Poor Customer Service

Small business owner

An successful blogger and entrepreneur once said that small companies acting big in terms of customer service, fail. On the other hand, big companies acting small in terms of Customer Service, win.

When a small company acts big, and its customer support is hard to reach, uses bots, always busy, isn’t committed to helping the customer, the company will fail.

When a big company acts small and its Customer Support is easy to reach, quick and helpful, the customers talk to real humans and are given time and attention, this company wins.

Eventually, every company, either big or small, wants to act small when it comes to customer service. It means that the people in customer service should know the business inside out and be able to provide all kinds of information and help, as if they are owners of the business and not employees. And as if this customer who called or texted them is the only customer they have in a week, so they give their full attention to make this customer happy.

Unfortunately, few businesses to that, regardless of their type. Many people look for business ideas to start their own projects, but almost every potentially profitable project can be killed by low-quality customer service.

Affiliate Websites

Affiliate programs are offered by many platforms that sell goods or offer services, both online and offline. For example, casinos with Interac deposit offer affiliate programs to reviewing websites and social media accounts.

If you have a popular social media account or a popular website, you can join the affiliate program and help the platform sell more, by sending your readers to their website via affiliate link.

As the platform sells, they pay you commissions, thus adding another revenue stream to your business scheme.

How To Fail

If the platform that offers an affiliate program has poor customer service, sells low-quality products and doesn’t provide decent customer support, your business will fail as well.

Moreover, as an affiliate, you act as a customer service, too, in a way, because you tell people about the product, answer their questions, address their doubts, give recommendations, and so on. If you act like a bad customer service, your affiliate business will fail.

Online Tutoring & Shop

Online education has been on the rise for several years by now, but due to the lockdowns, it became even more popular.

Some people started to look for advanced training within their niche to keep their job, others started to master new skills to find a new job, others still decided that lockdown was a good opportunity to use free time with advantage and learn something they always wanted to learn but always lacked time for that.

In any case, online education is booming now, and this trend is likely to stay with us for years to come. Adding online courses or tutoring to a business, or starting new courses as a separate business, is definitely a good idea. People are looking for mastering all types of skills – from coding or web design, to massage or arts.

How To Fail

Most people don’t build their own website when they want to make guidelines, an online course, or start tutoring. They use third party platform with the necessary tools for online courses.

However, if these platforms are poorly managed, customer support is impossible to reach to, or the complaints are never addressed, with time, this will slow your business down a lot, or even make it fail.

On the other hand, if you make a bad customer service for your students, will not address their problems, and only want to make a course, throw it out in people’s faces and only withdraw the money, this won’t work. As long as you are a single team member in your team, high-quality customer support is you or no one.

SMM Services

As an entrepreneur, you want to promote and market your business and your website, but guess what – other business owners want this, as well.

At the same time, many may feel very reluctant to start social media accounts, vlogs, or blogs on their website, because they have little knowledge or experience in social media marketing.

Therefore, if you have already had some experience in this activity, you can actually build your business around meeting other businesses’ needs, and fixing their pains.

How To Fail

SMM is very much about effective communication and psychology-based marketing skills. If you fail to provide proper Customer Service and support to your own customers, you will not be able to provide efficient communication for their social media accounts and businesses. As a result, you will fail.

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