3 Customer Service Tips for Marketing Agencies


If you run any kind of business, including a marketing agency, you have to become customer-obsessed and customer-focused. Your customers are the lifeblood of your company and they will make or break your overall success.

You’ll both focus on and take care of your customers to meet each and every one of their needs. Or you’ll drop the ball and have unhappy and dissatisfied customers due to poor customer service. It’s your choice and your mistake to make. But if you want to achieve lasting success and a good reputation, you’ll become a customer-centric company with a real competitive edge.

Take the Thunderhawk agency as an example. They are so customer focused that they offer a free 30-minute strategy session to every potential customer, no matter how big or small. They are willing to give away their time in an effort to provide potential customers with real and lasting value for free. This will help secure their business and create fiercely loyal clients for life.

Now it’s time for you to focus on customer service. Here are three powerful tips to improve this aspect of your marketing agency.

1. Understand Your Client’s Objectives and Goals in Business

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Using the latest tips and tricks like offering social media marketing to boost PR results will certainly help your clients achieve success. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle. You have to get to know your clients. You have to learn their objectives, goals, and areas of expertise and focus if you’re going to help them succeed.

So take time to learn everything you can about your clients. Understanding their goals and objectives will help you learn their vision. And once you have this idea in mind, you can use it to focus your efforts to drive their business forward.

So, when you first connect with a new client, spend time learning about their journey. Make notes and read them over and over so that you can truly absorb their objectives and goals as a company. You can then focus your marketing efforts in these areas, hone your overall approach, and perfectly target their ideal customer more effectively.

2. Create an External Communication Plan to Achieve Greater Success

By creating this plan and having it in place, you’ll have no trouble providing enhanced customer support to your valued clients. What kind of external communication works best? Providing your customers with a method for quick and easy online customer support through a chat app is an excellent method of communication.

Let’s say you have intended to create a marketing plan on a very tight budget for one of your more frugal customers. You’ll need to quickly and easily share this plan with your client and have the ability to make changes on the fly. Offering chat support to valued customers gives them the option to quickly contact you online to make suggestions, changes, and provide input to your overall plan.

At this point in time, customers actually expect to have live chat services available to them anyway. So offering it is going to meet customer expectations. And the advantages are numerous because it helps provide streamlined daily communication, real-time updates, and it makes for a more personalized experience.

3. Provide Customer Support Training to Create a More Productive and Smarter Staff

Believe it or not, many marketing agencies fail to provide customer support training to valued members of their staff. You need to put an end to this mistake quickly if you intend to achieve lasting success with your agency.
Remember, dealing with clients is the most important aspect of a marketing agency. If your staff doesn’t know how to handle certain situations, they will provide poor customer service and disappoint your customers big time.

So, create a training program to teach key staff members on how to effectively provide customer service to your clients. This program should demonstrate how to handle certain kinds of clients, provide tactics for nurturing and support, and teach staff members how to listen and read between the lines when dealing with clients. This will deepen client relationships and provide a better overall experience for all parties involved.

Bottom Line

Clearly, providing excellent customer service and support will make your clients extremely happy. But it will also help you streamline your business and make your marketing agency more effective and efficient. So getting better at customer service will not only help your clients achieve their objectives. It’ll also help you become a more effective organization and a lot better at your job.

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