12 Ideas for Customer Service Training

Manager training customer service team remotely

Providing customer service training for your staff is an important part of your organization’s quest to deliver outstanding service.

Whether you own a company; manage a department store or lead a remote call center team; customer service training is foremost in assuring you satisfy the needs of the customer at all times.

After all, without customers; your business would fail.

Here are twelve ideas you can incorporate into your training methods:

1. Every customer should be treated as special, and must be given first priority. Many businesses are turning to in-house development programs like cultural competency training online to help ensure the dignified and equitable treatment of all clientele.

2. When visiting your place of business or store, your aim is to ensure they want to return by assisting from the moment they walk in the door.

3. Always respect your customers, regardless of how you are treated.

4. If a customer requests a myriad of services, prioritize their needs in an efficient and friendly manner.

5. When you can, try to anticipate what your customers need.

6. To not leave your customers lingering; provide service from beginning to the end of the transaction.

7. Use a professional and courteous demeanor at all times.

8. Listen to customers. Show you understand and will do all you can to meet their needs.

9. When promising to fulfill a certain need, ensure you keep the promise made.

10. Use care and a genuine understanding of what the customer is requesting.

11. Answer any and all question a customers asks.

12. Always handle customer complaints with courtesy.

If all of the aforementioned suggestions are implemented, the benefits can be immeasurable. Customers will return to your place of business based on your willingness to go the extra mile.

This is true for customers who are dealt with in person; in writing; over the telephone; or by email. It is vital to your company to impose a non-threatening atmosphere of civility and understanding.

Let’s face it; sometimes dealing with a customer can be challenging. Perhaps they are not satisfied with the answers to their questions; or the product was not delivered on time; or it was defective. The only way to handle any challenge is with an understanding voice and definitive manner.

Listen to what the customer is telling you; ask questions to determine the exact reason for the complaint; refer the customer to a superior, if necessary; and follow-up with either a letter or phone call to ensure the customer is satisfied. This is the basis by which customer care can be fulfilled.

While providing your own in-house training may be appropriate, you can use the services of professional training companies that can provide customized training for your organization. However, this depends largely on your staff quota, and the cost-effectiveness of having to train hundreds of people.

While most companies have on-going in-house training sessions outside of their offices; others, such as stores and smaller businesses find that training in-house is just as effective.

A case study of Wal-Mart may be the easiest way to exemplify how customer service training is utilized. According to Wal Mart, “Customer Service Training for Wal-Mart Greeters is designed to provide simple, easy to use processes for driving customer satisfaction that are based on Sam Walton’s original “Basic Beliefs.”

The basic tenets of Sam Walton are providing customers with superior service, and ensuring they are completely satisfied. To establish a rapport with the customer from the first moment they enter Wal Mart. Having their employees attend a seminar is crucial to providing customer care.

Using a series of video and audio role playing is just one of the exercises used to enhance customer service training. In addition, employees share their experiences with customers, analyze and participate in question and answer sessions. For one day, the employees of Wal Mart are given all of the assistance needed to enhance the quality of customer care in their stores.

The phrase, “The customer is always right,” is one which should be heeded if one wants to succeed in any type of business. The main focus is to have customers return over and over again because the quality of service is the best offered. Customer service training is an important part of achieving that.

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