10 Tools To Acquire More Customers in 2022

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A business is nothing without its customers. It could probably be an idea and nothing more. If you are a business owner, you already know that getting customers to buy from you is your main goal.

If you are a business owner, you already know that getting customers to buy from you is your main goal. According to Marketingdonut, loyal customers can increase your revenue, and when you only acquire 5% of them, your revenue will increase up to 95%.

There are various channels for customer acquisition including, email marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, video marketing, and content marketing.

Top 10 Tools for better customer acquisition in 2022

Having the right set of tools is essential for your customer acquisition and marketing strategy.

Without any further ado, let’s explore the top 10 tools that can help you scale your marketing strategy.

1.  Ask Attest

Attest customers


Consumer insight platforms like Ask Attest can uncover current trends or understand your audiences for making new services or launching new products.

Ask Attest can create actionable insights in a matter of a few seconds. Once your survey is completed, Ask Attest will develop an insight report with the help of AI-driven insights and in-platform visualization tools.

This tool will also help you analyze your new market regimes by maximizing marketing effectiveness in new regions. Now, you can confidently launch your products by analyzing consumer data and de-risking product development processes.


  • Interactive result dashboard and result breakdowns
  • Exporting results with significant statistical references


  • De-risking campaigns by holistic testing and scoping
  • Three layers of data security can give trust for a rational result


Ask attest has ‘Free,’  ‘Professional,’ ‘Premium,’ and customized ‘Enterprise’ plans, whereas Professional and Premium plans are priced at $25,000 and $44,000 respectively.

 2. Flodesk



Already created a solid email list?

Then it’s time to send personalized emails to engage your new audience. To make your life simpler, Flodesk has all the right information and offers a range of welcome templates for new subscribers. A drag-and-drop editor helps you create customized and automated workflows to save from doing repetitive tasks.

But why are welcome emails so important?

According to a study by Invespcro, “welcome emails have 4x the open rate and 5x the click-through rate compared to standard marketing emails. Plus, they generate up to 320% more revenue than other promotional emails.


  • User-friendly interface with excellent customer support
  • Email automation and segmentation
  • In-depth statistics with no coding knowledge
  • Easy integration with Instagram


  • Offers a range of form templates including, pop-ups, inline forms, and full-page landing pages


  • Flodesk has an ‘Unlimited Everything’ plan that starts at $38/month.

 3. Campaign Monitor

Creating a customized branded email campaign is accessible by selecting anyone from the professionally-designed email templates. You can further enhance the conversion rate by sending personalized emails.

The link review feature updates any broken link before sending an email to subscribers. Campaign monitor optimizes the transaction emails for enhanced outreach to customers.

The smart analytics suite will provide an integrated bird-eye view of geography, acquisition, and customer engagement for your emails. It will help you make a sound strategy for return on email investment.


  • Accommodates 60 different email templates
  • Flexible segmentation approach and easy automation


  • Offers promotional, outreach, welcome emails, and other newsletters
  • Check customer engagement duration and exact time of opening email


Campaign Monitor has ‘Basic,’ ‘Unlimited,’ and ‘Premier,’ plans priced at $9, $29, and $149/month.

4. Engagebay



If you want to market your business like the top companies in the world, then Engagebay is your go-to tool. The email sequence feature helps you to send queued emails as per schedule. You can use an email sequence for nurturing a customer by sending emails periodically.

Customers can get the best customer experience with the integrated support of marketing, sales, and help desks. It streamlines all the processes on one platform through an enriched marketing automation platform.

The automated lead scoring process accelerates or curtails lead scores based on various activities. It will help the sales team create a sales campaign based on the lead scoring model.


  • Building customer relationships and free onboarding sessions
  • Dedicated account manager with superb chat and email support
  • Email marketing, email sequencing, and marketing automation
  • Contact management and appointment scheduler


  • Automation features can save your time to do other tasks
  • Provides a one-stop solution for every digital marketing needs
  • A user-friendly interface helps you to access key enlisted services


Engagebay has ‘Free,’ ‘Basic,’ ‘Growth,’ and ‘Pro,’ plans whereas Basic, Growth, and Pro are priced at $14.99, $49.99, and $79.99/month per user respectively.

5. Intercom

Intercom gives you the flexibility to select either an AI chatbot or a live chatbot. You can manage all the conversations on one platform, whether from inbox or social media platforms.

By integrating split testing and advanced targeting features, you can enhance your CSAT (customer satisfaction) score. The transactional messaging feature helps you engage customers at critical times, like changing passwords and ending subscriptions.

The customer data platform feature can segment and send rich visitor data to the sales team to seal the deal. You can automate your sales process by enabling the right apps to sync to your whole tech stack.


  • Offers chat, conversational bots, interactive apps, and product tours
  • Provides automated workflows, collaborative inboxes, and reporting
  • 100+ pre-built apps integrations, flexible APIs, and free-developer workspace


  • Separate different intercom accounts for enhanced customer support
  • Guided experiences of every product
  • Best for in-house training


Intercom ‘Starter’ plan starts at $67/month with add-on product tours and WhatsApp at $199 and $9/month.

6. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is everything you need to “build, grow, and succeed”. List management features can upload new contacts from Excel, Outlook, and Salesforce. Email tracking tools make an insightful email marketing campaign by forming a targeted contacts list.

You can nurture enhanced customer service by enabling email marketing automation to welcome new contacts, share coupons, or send informational tips for your business. Dynamic content blocks send personalized emails to the right people at the right time.

Survey tools will help you to create a survey to augment customer satisfaction. You can send emails with images and descriptions of ecommerce stores by syncing with email plus plan.


  • Efficient contact management solution
  • Varied subscriptions for various needs
  • SMS, Facebook, and Webinar integrations
  • Lead scoring, real-time sales alerts, and Gmail Integration


  • Send unlimited emails
  • Selection of a large number of email templates available


Constant Contact has ‘Email’ and ‘Email Plus’ plans at $20 and $45/month for 500 contacts.

7. Aweber



Drag-and-drop ecommerce landing page builder helps you to sell your products through email. You can also set up a recurring payment for your business for varied customer plans.

The Aweber account helps you to create enriched email marketing images through Canva. Pre-built campaign feature builds custom campaigns that send targeted messages automatically.


  • Autoresponder and marketing automation functionality
  • Reporting, split-testing, and list segmentation
  • Phone, email, and 24/7 chat support


  • Can sell products on email by integrating ecommerce features
  • Accessibility of importing a wide range of file types
  • Use an in-built landing page builder and an extensive range of templates


Aweber has ‘Free’ and ‘Pro plans whereas Pro plans start at $16.15/month for 500 subscribers.

8. Pipedrive

Pipedrive pipeline

Pipedrive provides auto-nurture leads through an automated sales process. You can focus on high-priority tasks, set triggers, and personalize email templates to let automation work effectively on your sales funnel.

Pipedrive helps you keep all KPIs and reports in one place for easy tracking. Real-time metrics can analyze your progress by enlisting customized individual, team, and company goals.


  • Lead generation chatbot and contact management
  • Automation, customization, and integrations
  • Process, pipeline, and activities


  • Enhanced collaboration with all the team members
  • Creating customized sales reports and cutting sales-related legwork


Aweber has four plans: ‘Essential,’ ‘Advanced,’ ‘Professional,’ and ‘Enterprise,’ whereas Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans start at $15, $29, $59, and $119/month per user respectively.

9. Popupsmart

Anybody can create a customized popup without the knowledge of coding. Popupsmart has 18 targeting options including, cookie targeting, HTML, scroll triggers, geo-location, and exit-intent for a right popup campaign to the targeted audiences.

You can instantly send your Popupsmart data to the CRM team for enriched marketing automation. Recipes feature can create step-by-step goals to augment email lists and customer engagement.


  • Increased sales conversion and reduced cart abandonment
  • Enhanced user engagement and facilitated social sharing
  • Collecting form submission and promoting products and offers


  • Doesn’t require coding experience to build a popup campaign
  • Have an abundant number of new-generation popup templates


Popupsmart has ‘Free,’ ‘Basic,’ ‘Pro, and ‘Expert,’ plans, whereas Basic, Pro, and Expert plans are priced at $24, $66, and $108/month respectively.

10. Keap


Have you ever thought about what it would look like if you can only focus on the work that matters and automate the rest?

Sounds impossible? Not anymore with Keap.

You can effectively convert leads into clients by enabling sales and marketing automation. It captures behavior, preferences, and likeliness buy-metrics before sending sales messages.

A customizable dashboard can automatically follow up tasks into leads through the sales funnel. You can create customized pipelines for syncing Keap’s CRM that can convert leads into deals.


  • Efficiently capture and convert leads
  • Paid faster by automated follow-up templates
  • Can give a 360-degree view of SMS campaigns, calendar booking, invoicing, and other information in one place


  • 24/7 US-based phone and chat support
  • Automation can save time by not doing repetitive tasks like lead capture and follow-ups


Keap has ‘Lite,’ ‘Pro,’ and ‘Max’ plans priced at $56, $119, and $140/month.


The customer-acquisition tools mentioned will help you give actionable insights to understand your audiences and make a sound strategy for all your future marketing campaigns.

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