How Customer Service and Marketing Can Work Together To Grow Your Business

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Statistics show that about 58% of American consumers will switch companies because of poor customer service.

There is, therefore, a need for businesses to invest in customer service and marketing techniques to encourage their clients to keep supporting their services and products. While most businesses view these two aspects as different departments, blending them can produce greater returns. Read on and learn how marketing and customer services can work together to grow your business.

Offering Customer Support through Social Networks

Businesses have an opportunity to interact with their clients through various social network platforms. For instance, Facebook and Twitter are some of the apps clients depend on for any updates or inquiries. While businesses can use these platforms for marketing their new products or services, they can also offer customer support to the clients in terms of follow-up questions or calls to action. Therefore, as customers read about the new offerings the company is bringing on board, they can also ask questions and get the required feedback on these social media avenues.

Addressing Customer Concerns

Satisfied clients will always want to leave a review or rating after using a service or product. In sharing such reviews, they may also make recommendations or ask for more details on a product. The customer service and marketing department could thus team up to provide answers to the unclear products and market them to those reading such reviews. It will create a sense of satisfaction for the clients and motivate others to jump on the bandwagon.

Creating Engaging Customer Loyalty Programs

When a business entity is promoting a new product or rebranding an existing one, the efforts of the customer service and marketing departments are necessary. Afterall, your business success is directly related to how effective your marketing strategy is. The marketing department would be crucial in preparing the appropriate copy for the messages, while the customer service section could respond to inquiries after that. Therefore, as companies engage their loyal customers through such programs as discounts, coupon codes, or points upon making a purchase, both departments need to blend. A customer service team that understands what their marketing counterparts are doing will make it easier to increase sales.

Developing Leads that Set Customer Expectations

Most interactions with the clients are with the customer service team, which respond to their concerns or inquiries. However, the marketing team understands the nitty-gritty of the products and how they can best benefit the clients. Therefore, these two departments can brainstorm and develop strategies to meet the clients’ expectations. By bringing together these two teams, a company will identify customers’ needs and develop the right messages to set customer expectations. The result of this will be increased sales and long-term customer relationships.

Understanding Buyer Personas

Companies can develop well-thought-out buyer personas by first understanding the clients. Both teams come into play here – the marketing team through market research and the customer service team through client relations. Growth is inevitable when businesses understand their customers’ interests, knowledge, and difficulties through these two departments because it will greatly influence their perception and buying practices.

Customer service and marketing are two inseparable entities that can change the landscape of a business when articulated well. As seen in the talking points above, these two departments have a mutual relationship essential for business growth. There is nothing greater than getting the right returns for your products or services through customer service and marketing.

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