10 Tips on Delivering Great Customer Service in Education

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Delivering great customer service is essential in the education industry. When students and their families are paying tuition, they expect to be treated well by the school or college. 

According to expertwriting.org and common day-to-day experience, there is an increasing distrust of education, especially the public school system. One way schools and colleges can build trust is by providing a better customer experience.

Educational Customers

The school customer can be broken down into a myriad of sub groups. These customers include students, teachers, parents, and the media. Each of these customers has very different needs, but all are as equally important as the others. School and college managers need to ensure that each group is treated well.

Customer Service Training

Customer service training is vital if you want to keep your customers happy and coming back for more. The training needs to be given to every member of staff so that they all know how to treat their school customers well. The training needs to include topics such as how to handle complaints, how to deal with difficult people and how to respond when faced with an emergency.

Every school will have their own policies in place for dealing with these situations; however, it is imperative that staff know what to do in each case without having to refer back to their handbooks. School staff also needs to understand that a customer is not always right. Sometimes, the customer may be in the wrong but this does not mean that you need to give them what they want; there are situations when you have to say “No” and stick by it.

Community Orientation

A school’s community has a lot to do with the level of customer service it provides. A strong sense of community can improve the overall satisfaction rate of students. This in turn increases the quality of the school’s customer service. Furthermore, scholars who are a part of a school’s community are more engaged with their learning. A community-oriented school will attract more children, who will then throw themselves into the learning environment.

How to Provide Excellent Customer Service in Education

1. Be responsive

When students or their families reach out to your school or college, be sure to respond in a timely manner. No one likes to wait for a response, so make sure you are prompt in getting back to your customers. Make sure the customer service department is equipped to answer calls, including having enough personnel to man the phones. It would also be good if they are familiar with your college courses, or at least able to access any information which may help with a query if the caller is unable to explain things clearly.

2. Be friendly and helpful

Be friendly and welcoming when interacting with students and their families. A little bit of warmth can go a long way in making your customers feel comfortable and appreciated. When students or their families have questions, be sure to help them out. Provide them with the answers they need and take the time to listen to what they have to say.

3. Be digitally accessible

A school website is often the first line of customer service, so it should be easy to find. It should be accessible on all devices, including smartphones. A year ago, only 15% of parents accessed a school website via a mobile, but today, between 40 and 75% access it on a mobile device. That means a school’s website should be fast, user-friendly and easy to navigate. If customers are unhappy with their online experience, they will likely tell others about it. Look at sites such as Mercurynews for inspiration.

4. Be professional

Although it is important to be friendly, it is essential to be professional when working in education customer service. Be sure to dress appropriately and use proper language when interacting with your students and their parents. It also means being respectful, having integrity, and behaving ethically.

5. Make them feel special

Students and their families are your customers, so make sure they feel valued. The best way to provide personalized service is to get to know your students. Take the time to learn their names, their interests, and what makes them tick. This will help you connect with them on a personal level and make them feel comfortable coming to you with any questions or concerns they may have. Offer them personalized service and go the extra mile to ensure that they are happy with your school or college.

6. Be accurate

It is essential to be accurate when you are dealing with your school’s customers. This can include everything from getting the right information to customers, to billing correctly. If you make a mistake, it can cost the school or district time and money.

7. Be organized

One of the best ways to improve customer service is by being organized. When your classroom or office is cluttered and chaotic, it can be difficult to find what you need and impossible to concentrate on anything else. This creates a stressful environment for both you and your students or clients. By taking a few minutes each day to organize your space, you’ll be able to find what you need when you need it and feel more calm and collected overall.

8. Be patient

One of the most important traits you can have when working in education customer support is patience. This is a people business and there will always be individuals who test your limits. But if you can remain calm and patient, you’ll be able to diffuse any situation and provide the best possible service. Sometimes students or their families may have a lot of questions. Be patient with them and take the time to answer all of their inquiries.

9. Follow up

After you have interacted with a student or their family, be sure to follow up with them to answer any questions and resolve any issues. This shows that you care about them and want to make sure they are satisfied with your school or college.

10. Exceed expectations

It’s no secret that educational customer service can be challenging. But it’s also an incredibly rewarding field, one that can make a real difference in the lives of students and families. Always try to exceed your customers’ expectations. If you can do this, they will be sure to remember your school or college in a positive light.


For more ideas you can check this review of education to widen your knowledge on the subject. And by following the tips in this article, you will be sure to deliver great customer service in the education industry. Students and their families will appreciate your efforts, and your school or college will benefit as a result.

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