Why Your Social Media Ads Don’t Work

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Social media users are exposed to ads daily. Badly designed or irrelevant content is annoying, while a wise promotion strategy can be insanely effective. Discover the most common mistakes and avoid them to boost efficiency.

Seasoned marketers take advantage of automatic systems, which allow them to launch, manage and monitor campaigns across networks. With Aitarget, you can promote your products or services on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat simultaneously. However, any strategy can fail if you make typical mistakes. Your ads may fail because of:

1.  Poor Grammar

Grammar is more important than you may think. A recent poll revealed that 39% of users are annoyed when they see grammatical errors in social media ads. Choose your words and sentence structure carefully. Double-check the copy. You need an ideal combination of flawless words, excellent visuals, and meaningful content.

2.  Poor Design

Users find visual content more engaging than plain text. When users see an ad with a bad layout, this raises suspicion about the brand. In our visual-driven society, this is a big blunder. Integrate a visual strategy into your marketing approach. If you do not have the gift of creativity, there are plenty of platforms to help you, such as Canva.

3.  Extreme Personalization

On social media, ads are more targeted than TV commercials but do not take this to extremes. No user wants to feel that their activities are being tracked to show targeted ads. Companies that use behavioral advertising penetrate through users’ privacy. This can be detrimental to their image. Consumers find such personalization intrusive and menacing.

4.  Outdated Design

If your ad resembles something the users have seen before, efficiency will suffer. Today, businesses have to come up with fresh ideas to stand out from the crowd. Uniqueness is key to conversions. Make sure your ads are creative and include an unconventional twist if you have to reuse old ideas.

5.  Irrelevance

This happens due to wrong targeting. Study the profile of your typical customer, and tailor your ads accordingly. While consumers do not like being stalked, they actually pay attention to posts related to their situation or recent queries. Make sure your ads will be shown to consumers who may need your products or services.

6.  No Mobile Optimization

The majority of social media users prefer to browse the networks from their phones. This means they will be taken to the mobile version of your site when they click the link in the ad. Make sure what they see is pleasing to the eye. Otherwise, high bounce rates and poor ROI are guaranteed. Keep the screen size in mind when designing ads or optimizing your website.

7.  No Video or Images

As we have mentioned, visual content is the most engaging for the modern consumer. People like being entertained, and they crave variety. Therefore, companies need to accompany ad copy with powerful images or videos. Nobody wants to read lengthy text. Therefore, you should focus on the most engaging type of content for your campaign.

8.  Displaying to Users Who Have Bought the Product/Service

Users do not like to see things repeatedly, particularly if they are exposed to ads for things they have already purchased. Keep this in mind. Not only is this a waste of money, but you will also annoy your existing customers.

The Bottom Line

Avoid these pitfalls when crafting your social media marketing campaign. Learning from the mistakes of other companies is free. If you follow these insights, you will be less likely to annoy your target audience. Start social media ads the right way — high engagement and conversions will pleasantly surprise you!


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