Why Is React.js Programming So Popular?

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React.JS is by far the most popular JavaScript library. According to Stack Overflow, 40.14% of developers worldwide use the framework to develop awesome apps. 

It is also one of the top choices of our developers at Reintech for front-end development.

However, why is React.JS such a popular JavaScript library? Why do businesses and programmers alike rely on the framework to attain development success?

Let’s find out.

Facebook’s Support and a Huge Community

Facebook developed React.JS and still maintains the framework. Additionally, you will find ample use of React in web and mobile apps of the company and Instagram.

Therefore, you have a business leader committed to the welfare of React. Moreover, the top contributors to React on GitHub are employees of Facebook.

As a result, you can expect the framework to grow and thrive as long as Facebook survives.

Moreover, React has the support of a large community that also loves to contribute to its development. So, businesses can always look forward to creating the best products to delight clients and customers.

React Delivers the Best User Experiences

Businesses today compete to attract customers in a highly crowded market. Therefore, they have to make an effort to stand out and deliver the best customer experience.

React.JS allows developers to create seamless and intuitive UIs. It relies on virtual DOM to make your app run faster and without hiccups.

Best of all, a virtual DOM can automatically detect changes in data and re-render as required.

As a result, you can create amazing customer experiences that go on to boost your reputation. Additionally, you can create a name for yourself and expect to gain more customers.

React Is Highly Interoperable

Businesses generally use more than one technology to develop apps. As a result, React.JS may not be the only tool in your tech stack. You may have different solutions based on your needs, such as server-side development frameworks.

All of these tools need to work together seamlessly to attain development success.

Fortunately, React comes with high interoperability and works well with third-party tools. For example, Facebook’s codebase contains a massive amount of non-React code.

Additionally, the company uses UI libraries that existed before the release of React.JS. Moreover, they also rely on server-side components to facilitate development.

All of these solutions are highly operable with React to create a resilient product. React.JS will not present any compatibility issues even if you use it with several other frameworks.

As a result, React has become a natural choice for enterprises and businesses. It also allows small businesses to start using React for a minor feature.

They don’t have to change their entire code to accommodate React. So, entrepreneurs can take advantage of the latest tech trends by hiring a React.JS developer.

React Speeds Up Development

React.JS comes with reusable codes to save developers time. You don’t have to write code for similar features and can use the same one across apps and platforms.

Additionally, the React library provides many readymade components to expedite development further.

In addition, the modular nature of React.JS allows you to maintain your code easily. Moreover, you can push changes without affecting the overall operation of your app.

As a result, React tops the list of JavaScript frameworks when it comes to web or mobile app development.

React is Search Engine-Friendly

Businesses aim to feature their website on search engine results to boost organic traffic. However, you need to get several things right in order to fall in favor of search engines.

For example, your app or website should load fast enough to rank on search engines. Or, it should render with enough speed so that users don’t click the ‘close’ button.

React allows businesses to build high-performance apps. They load and render fast without any need for waiting.

Therefore, you can hope to make your website appear on search results and attract more traffic.

React Has a Low Learning Curve

React is a JavaScript library that uses JavaScript for development. As per Stack Overflow, JavaScript is still the most popular language used by nearly 65% of programmers.

Most developers out there already know JavaScript. As a result, React.JS will feel familiar instantly and won’t present any unpleasant surprises.

So, programmers can learn React quickly and start developing in a short time. Additionally, they are less likely to make errors as they are already proficient in JavaScript.

Naturally, that means businesses can access a large pool of programmers for hiring needs.

Final Thoughts

React is among the most popular frameworks for web and mobile development. It allows you to develop fantastic apps that deliver the best customer experiences. Additionally, React reduces development time and boosts the productivity of programmers. It is also used by top brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Airbnb to run their operations.

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