Why Is Customer Services So Important in Legal Services?

Legal Customer Service Reesentative

Whilst American author and former dot.com guru Seth Godin has established himself as a true authority on the concept of marketing, it’s his approach to revolutionizing customer service that has really wowed businesses across the globe.

More specifically, Godin regularly refers to customer service as an “opportunity to delight” potential consumers, whilst encouraging businesses to change their perception of this practice and transform into a direct marketing channel.

This has particular relevance for legal service providers, who often have to speak to potential clients in challenging circumstances and about sensitive issues such as divorce, personal injury and workplace harassment. But why else is customer service so important for legal service providers, and how can they improve their offering to clients?

Why is Customer Service Important to Legal Services?

In the case of most legal service providers, the process of building relationships with potential clients often starts with a phone call.

At this stage, individuals will tend to make contact in search of expert advice, as they typically look to resolve sensitive issues that pertain to their personal or professional lives.

At the same time, people rarely want to pay for legal services, as this is only required in instances where you’ve experienced significant issues or breakdowns in existing relationships at home or in the office.

Therefore, in order to convert client queries and leads into actual business, legal firms must utilise their customer service representatives and proactive marketers who are capable of engaging individuals and selling the core benefits of the services available.

Without this type of approach, it’s almost impossible for legal services to actively convert interest into paid business or position themselves as a key authority in targeted areas of law.

How to Improve your Customer Services as a Legal Service Provider

 OK, but what steps can you take to actively improve your customer services and promote your legal services to potential clients?

One of the first and most fundamental steps is to create a proactive customer service team, and one that responds quickly to new queries.

Remember; it’s estimated that up to 10% of people who call a law firm only get to speak to a solicitor directly, whilst 42% potential clients have to wait for three days or more to receive a reply.

So, by empowering your customer service reps as knowledgeable agents who are able to speak directly with potential clients, you can improve your response times and really set yourself apart from your rivals.

As well as creating a scenario where your customer service reps are well-informed and proactive, you also need to encourage them to showcase emotional intelligence.

After all, the majority of potential clients will come to you when they’re going through an emotionally charged situation, whether this is a divorce, a criminal charge or an inheritance following the death of a loved one.

Regardless, your team will need to show empathy when talking through their customers’ issues, and help to establish your firm as a caring and professional service provider that can deliver genuine value for client’s hard-earned cash!

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