Why Add Certificates to Your Resume?

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The pandemic and Covid situation has changed the scene of jobs and employment. Many people lost their jobs, as may industries faced losses and tried to reduce its employee costs.

In such situations, adding skills to your resume and adding value to your current employment is the only way to keep your job. Online learning has become as popular as everything else. With these online courses, remote operations have gained popularity and demand. So how do you know which courses are best for you? And which will add value to your employment?

The new norm of learning

Amidst the pandemic, people have turned to online learning for upgrading their skills. Gone are the days when people used to do internships and then get the certification. With online learning, there are varied courses for every field which also provide certifications that are valuable when you are applying for a job. With the use of multimedia like infographics, short videos, podcasts, and other elements, learning has become easy. Difficult topics can also be explained in a simple way with the right type of content. As jobs are turning remote, these eLearning courses offer a great way to upgrade skills while working as well.

Technical Certifications

No matter which background you have, having a few basic and advanced technical certifications is always handy. If you are from an engineering background, then go for a specific niche certificate. IT people can look for coding and computer languages, people with businesses can look for marketing tactics and other similar certifications.

Having a degree or diploma is very common, and most HR people never consider it a big deal while hiring. By adding a few skills set certificates to your resume, you can stand out from the noise. These certificates will show your willingness to learn and be productive for the company. The best part is, thanks to the advancements in eLearning tech and the development of new tools, like Lessonly, almost anyone can offer courses. Meaning, there’s a whole new list of experts that you can learn from. Find a company or coach that is offering such technical courses based on your background and get enrolled.

Picking the relevant courses

There are several options for almost every field to add skills. Relevant courses depending on the position you applied for, can make a difference.

If you are an IT technical guy and have a master’s degree in computer science and want to apply for a coding job. It is better that you have additional computer language certificates to show the company that you have added more skills to your master’s degree. Your degree course may not give that much range of knowledge and skills that a certificate course can. The reason is having a degree or diploma covers a broad topic, but certificates cover niches. For example, let’s say your company is looking to advance their machine learning capabilities. Adding a machine learning certificate to your master’s degree will make you even more valuable. Besides your professional course, other certifications that are not related to your field can show your ability to be self-motivated.

Besides your professional course, other certifications that are not related to your field can show your ability to be self-motivated.

Focus on Experience

While hiring, company HR looks for your qualifications and relevant degrees and certificates. But they also look for professional experience. There are several courses that offer hands-on experience after the completion of the course. These courses will not only certify you for completing the course but also certify that you have working experience of the same. These types of courses will make you valuable to the company.


The competition and challenges in any field of work have increased due to remote working. It is always better to secure your jobs by using eLearning to improve and update your knowledge and skills. Apart from that companies and businesses also prefer employees who have additional certificates. The rising trend of providing employees with eLearning courses while working also ensures that every employee is getting upskilled. Participation and completion of eLearning courses offer a curious mindset which is what any company would desire. So, when it comes to working remotely and learning online, be sure to take advantage of both.

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