Who Are the Top Employers in Charlotte?

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The Charlotte area is quite large and diverse. Charlotte is known for many things in its history, including its large business hub of successful and popular businesses that are what makes up that hub.

You might be looking for a job in those successful businesses, but what are the top employers in the Charlotte area? The top employers in Charlotte include Bank Of America, Wells Fargo, and Duke Energy.

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Bank Of America

Charlotte is home to the Bank Of America headquarters. Of course Bank Of America is one of the top employers, it is because Charlotte is where the company started and has deep roots.

The bank has been around for over 10 years and has successfully been taking care of people’s financial situations and scenarios since it first opened back on September 30, 1998. The bank also has more than 15,000 workers in the Charlotte area!

If you are experienced in the fields that Bank Of America is looking for and you live in the Charlotte area, then Bank Of America might be the source of future employment that you are looking for in a job.

Wells Fargo

Charlotte is also the home base for the Wells Fargo East Coast division. This division has approximately 25,000 employees that provide multiple services.

Wells Fargo has been noted as one of the most desired employers in the country and has been running since it was founded in the United States back in 1852. William Fargo was the man who founded the company that we know today as Wells Fargo.

Wells Fargo is best known for its world-wide banking and financial services. They pride themselves on being the best at their jobs when it comes to helping you with whatever financial issues you may have.

If you have experience in finances and financial services. Wells Fargo can be the place of employment for you to be part of a long-running business of financial services. Apply to Wells Fargo today!

Duke Energy

Duke Energy is headquartered in Charlotte. This company has the distinction of being one of America’s largest holding companies of electric power.

Duke Energy was founded by Benjamin Newton Duke and James Buchanan Duke on April 30, 1904. The company continues what it started, just on a larger scale. A larger scale meaning the country itself.

Duke Energy has about 7.2 million customers that they distribute energy to. The company also has approximately 29,000 employees that provide energy-related services to customers across the United States.

If you have experience in the field of energy and want to help power the country, then Duke Energy may be the place for you. Apply for a job at Duke Energy to power the world today!

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