Which Trees Will Look Best on Your Business Premises

Office trees

Selecting the right trees for your business premises can significantly enhance the property’s aesthetic appeal, create a welcoming atmosphere for clients, and even increase the real estate value. Trees provide shade, reduce noise pollution, improve air quality, and represent the environmental values of a company. With these benefits in mind, it’s important to choose species that align with your business image, local climate, and maintenance capacity.

Understanding the Role of Trees in Commercial Landscaping

When you begin the selection process, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your space. For instance, a thuja green giant from The Tree Center may serve as a robust and fast-growing option, offering privacy and noise reduction. These qualities are vital when landscaping for business, as they provide a buffer between the bustling outside world and the tranquility of your office or storefront. However, it’s not just about utility; the visual impact of your trees is equally important to consider.

Deciding on the Right Tree Species

Consider the Climate and Soil

Your geographical location plays a significant role in which trees will thrive on your property. Local climate and soil conditions should dictate your choices. For colder regions, evergreens such as the aforementioned thuja green giant maintain a lush appearance year-round. In contrast, businesses in warmer climates might opt for drought-resistant varieties like the majestic live oak or the flowering crepe myrtle, which offer both shade and aesthetic appeal with their distinctive bark and flowers.

Prioritize Growth and Maintenance

Understanding the growth habits and maintenance requirements of potential trees is crucial. Some species grow to immense heights and may interfere with structures and power lines, while others have invasive root systems that can damage pavements and foundations. Opt for species that have manageable growth and are known for being low-maintenance to reduce long-term costs.

Aesthetic and Functional Harmony

The trees you choose should complement the architecture of your business premises and the surrounding landscape. Columnar trees like the Italian cypress can accentuate the vertical lines of a building, while rounded trees such as the Japanese maple soften hard angles. Moreover, if your business requires high visibility, you may want to avoid dense, broad-canopied trees.

Popular Tree Options for Business Landscapes

Evergreens for Year-Round Greenery

Evergreen trees like the thuja green giant or the blue spruce provide perennial color and structure. They are excellent for creating natural screens and enhancing the privacy of your premises.

Flowering Trees for Color and Interest

Trees like the dogwood, redbud, and cherry blossom add seasonal color and can make a business front more inviting. Their blossoms provide a stunning display that can catch the eye of passersby and create a positive first impression.

Shade Trees for Comfort and Energy Savings

Large shade trees, such as maples or oaks, not only offer respite from the summer sun but can also reduce cooling costs for your building. Their broad canopies can create comfortable outdoor seating areas for employees and clients alike.

Trees as a Reflection of Your Business Identity

The trees on your business premises should also reflect the ethos and branding of your company. Eco-conscious businesses might prefer native trees that support local wildlife, while innovative tech companies might go for unique and modern landscaping designs.

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