Which Customers Complain the Most about Customer Service?

Complaining About Customer ServiceResearch reveals the top countries where customers complain about customer service the most. There are some interesting surprises.

In first place came Sweden with 41% of customers saying they had made a complaint in the last 12 months, next came the United Kingdom with 36%, Australia 30%, Canada 26% and the USA with 23%.

The least likely to complain were the people of Taiwan with just 1% saying they had made a customer service complaint in the last year, followed by Saudi Arabia 3%, China 4%, Poland 5% and Russia with 6%.

The researchers, NOP World interviewed more than 30,000 customers in 30 different countries, asking a cross section of customers if they had made a customer service complaint against a company or organization in the last year.

The research also found that across the world those who make customer service complaints tend to be wealthier and better educated. This is probably because they consume more, they know what they want, and they aren’t prepared to settle for second rate service.

Most likely to complain

Sweden 41%

UK 36%

Australia 30%

Canada 26%

USA 23%

Brazil 23%

Argentina 23%

South Africa 19%

France 17%

Venezuela 15%

Least likely to complain

Taiwan 1%

Saudi Arabia 3%

China 4%

Poland 5%

Russia 6%

Turkey 7%

Spain 7%

Egypt 8%

Thailand 8%

Indonesia 8%

The research was carried out by NOP World as part of it’s annual study of customer attitudes, values and behaviours. 30,00 in-depth interviews were carried out with customers from 30 countries worldwide.

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