WhatsApp Is a Consumer Favorite, but Only 30% Of Professionals Use It

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Landbot, the no-code chatbot platform for conversational experiences, has launched an industry report that confirms WhatsApp is the up-and-coming communication channel for businesses.

After surveying over 600 marketing, and customer support professionals, as well as consumers, in the US, the UK, Mexico, Spain, and Germany, Landbot concludes that WhatsApp is key to bridging the gap between consumer expectations and reality when it comes to conversational automation.

Consumers expect a frictionless experience from end-to-end, and most of them prefer for this experience to take place on WhatsApp: 60% prefer to use it for customer support, while 40% are open to receiving marketing content such as newsletters or discounts on the messaging app.

Preferred Customer Support Channels

Preferred Customer Support Channels

However, on the professionals’ side, only 31% of customer service operatives claimed to currently use WhatsApp for support operations and 29% of marketers have integrated the channel into their marketing strategies.

“We are witnessing a historic moment in the realm of conversational automation. The release of ChatGPT and other Large Language Models powered by AI only set the bar higher when it comes to meeting consumer expectations across the customer journey. I’m using the term ‘WhatsApp Led Growth’ to describe this phenomenon. The concept encompasses all the possible ways companies can leverage WhatsApp as the core channel to acquire, engage, and monetize conversational experiences with customers.” – Jiaqi Pan, CEO and Founder of Landbot

Despite marketing and customer service teams managing different parts of the customer journey, their top challenges coincide when it comes to WhatsApp automation. From the marketers’ perspective, 23% consider automation complexity as a roadblock, and 35% believe it takes too long to implement. As for customer support professionals, 21% think the automation process is too complex and another 21% claim the time-to-implementation takes too long.

Customer Support Challenges

Customer Support Challenges

The emergence of the GPT-3 and other Large Language Models holds the potential to drastically reduce these concerns. Combining the power of no-code chatbot builders—like Landbot—and other Large Language models is already allowing businesses to experiment with AI, integrating these supporting elements within automated WhatsApp conversations.

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