What’s Your S-E-R-V-U Quotient?

Try applying the S-E-R-V-U Formula to those most important to you; Customers, Employees, Family and Friends.

Party people

I was sitting at a new hip day spa and salon when the entire staff of stylists and technicians suddenly disappeared. “Wait a minute! Where are you going? I’m wrapped in foil!” I think to myself.

Moments later, the ownership team re-appeared with the entire Broadway staff, donning party hats, clown noses and a birthday cake for one of the other patrons who were celebrating her 48th birthday.

You see, this Savvy Staff had waited for the “precise” moment when our birthday girl had gone into the Changing Room for maximum Surprise Power when she came out. Well it sure worked!

Okay, since we do live in Costa Rica, for one brief moment, our birthday girl thought to herself “Great! Banditos on my Birthday”. But then, sheer delight and fun at the surprise and celebration.

The reason I go to this particular salon, is not only because a girl knows a good haircut when she finds one, but it’s because of attention to customer service. It’s the Extra’s and Surprises and not just on your birthday.

They Remember that I like my coffee, black with equal and have it ready for me and imagine my delight, when during a standard “Wash” I get a relaxing scalp massage. That’s Very Unexpected and Extra.

But S-E-R-V-U is not only important in Customer Service to distinguish one company from another. It is also important in personal relationships. It’s what makes our partners, children and employees feel “Valued and Important”

Test your S-E-R-V-U quotient with 4 simple questions:

1) S: In the last 30 days, how have you used the element of Surprise to provide a memory for a customer, colleague or loved one? A note slipped into the luggage of a family member who is traveling, wishing them well and saying you’ll miss them, a surprise birthday celebration for a customer….the possibilities are endless.

2) E: In the last 30 days, site specific examples of how you have exceeded expectations by providing a little Extra in a personal or professional relationship or task? What do I mean by that? Well It’s the type of thing that prompts the other person to says “Gee—that’s was above and beyond the call of duty.

3) R: Fortunately technology is making it a lot easier for us to remember special occasions. What’s your system for remembering the birthdays, anniversaries, and special interests of your customers, those you live and work with? A colleague and friend of mine, sends me via snail mail, articles he knows will be of interest to me. In this online age, his occasional, unexpected, hand-written notes and attention to my interests makes me feel like I’m dining by candlelight. It’s also great to get something other than Publishers Clearinghouse in the mailbox.

4) Do you V-U People?: Say again? Yup, Do something Very, Unexpected! To delight others and shake things up a bit? While flying recently, a flight attendant during the safety demonstration stopped mid-sentence and said “Hey, I don’t think you’re listening”. That sure got our attention and then she warmed our heart with a smile that said—“I’m fooling with you”. Very Unexpected and Delightful. When you do something totally unexpected, you’re unique and that often translates into something and someone very special.

So this week, this month, today – apply the S-E-R-V-U Formula to those most important to you. Customers, Employees, Family and Friends.

Remember to Surprise them, Give Something Extra. Remember the little things and occasionally do something Very Unexpected.

About the Author

Rosemary Rein is a Professional Speaker and International Management Consultant. She is the Author of “Go Wild: Survival Skills for Business and Life” published by Career Track Seminars, and is the founder of Costa Rica Learning Adventure.

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