What Is the Risk of a Business Hiring Freelancers?

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Hiring a freelance professional allows you to reduce costs significantly and optimize corporate spending. However, hiring a freelancer poses some unique challenges every employer can confront. To help you make the right choice, this article explores the most common risks you may encounter when hiring and working with freelancers on platforms like Twine.

8 most common risks that you may encounter

1. Lack of control

When it comes to working with freelancers, you cannot  monitor and control the working process. This is especially true for cases when payment is not charged for the volume but for the time spent on execution. A full-time employee is always in sight, which makes it possible to stay informed on the stage of the working process.

Solution: use work time trackers. There are so many options available on the market. As a general rule, such software takes screenshots in a way that a freelancer does not know when it will happen.

It is almost impossible to get around such a system, so you can be sure a freelancer does their job as honestly as possible.

2. Unstable quality of work

Collaboration with freelancers comes with its own benefits and challenges.  Unpredictable quality of work is another challenge you may encounter. Sometimes, when looking for a freelancer, you may find a professional who combines freelancing with their full-time work. So, they may not do the work as well as expected due to the lack of time they can dedicate for your project.

Solution: cooperate exclusively with full-time freelancers. If the search for a freelancer  is carried out on a specialized site, make sure to read reviews and check out ratings. Additionally, you can use HR software and view employee resumes. This will give you a more objective assessment of the potential employee when making a hiring decision.

3. Reduced security

Security is the number one  priority for many  companies. At the same time, cooperation with remote specialists can become a real problem in terms of data security.

Providing access to confidential information can trigger a leak. This occurs due to unreliable connection to public networks, the lack of system security testing, and other factors. In fact, research shows that 37,9% of users who have not been trained about cyber security fail the phishing test.

Solution: Educate freelancers on the best cyber security practices. Require freelancers to use VPNs and other security software  to prevent data leaks.

4. Deadline Disruption

Freelancers have no fixed wages or salaries. Their income often depends on the amount of work done. This instability provokes them to take several projects at the same time in order to earn more money. This approach to work  often negatively affects the deadlines.

All freelancers have different working schedules. Most of them live in different countries with different time zones. That’s why it can be challenging for you to stay in touch with a freelancer during your working hours. In this regard, the response rate of staff members is much higher.

According to studies, 27% of freelancers feel difficulties in clearly distinguishing between work and personal time.

Solution: Always  indicate the exact deadline and leave some extra time just in case. When you set a deadline a few days earlier than the actual deadline, you will be safe in case a freelancer does the work late. For example, if you order a service such as write my research paper you obviously need to set up a deadline with a gap (to make edits, etc).

5. Communication gap

This point is especially relevant for companies that have complex internal processes or a weak communication system. Working in the office, an employee always knows where to seek advice in case they lack information.

However, remote workers cannot do this. The other side is that a freelancer is not easy to contact and  he/she does not understand the value of your company.

Solution: Take care of the availability of a clear technical task for the freelancer. Be sure to do this in writing. This will help to make sure that you are talking about the same things and really understand each other. Please note that the technical task must be created by a specialist who understands the specifics of the work.

6. Difference in time

Remote employees are often hired to save money. As a result, a freelancer may be located in another country. The company reduces costs while receiving other inconveniences,  such as different time zones. Thus, it can be 2 p.m. in your country and 3 a.m. in the freelancer’s country. That is the reason why there are various rhythms of activities and some differences in a working schedule.

Look for freelancers in countries with a slight difference in time zones. This will increase the chances that the remote worker will stay in touch at a convenient time for you.


Hiring a freelancer  provides significant cost savings. However, it also carries many risks. By understanding the common challenges and ways to prevent them, you can make more informed decisions and get the most out of collaboration with freelancers!

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