What Is CART Transcription and Why Is It Important?

CART screen

Most people are already familiar with sign language interpreters because we see them in events and television shows. But have you ever encountered a CART screen?

The term CART or Communication Access Realtime Translation is a service where there is someone that listens to the speech and instantaneously types it into text. Depending on the venue or the event, the text gets displayed using projectors, monitors, computers, and even mobile devices.

The presenter may also choose to have the text displayed more prominently in a separate screen, or have it simultaneously projected in the same audio-visual presentation.

Different kinds of CART transcription

CART transcription services and set-up can vary depending on the needs of the client. The three common types are:

  1. Remote CART. This type of service is ideal when the participants cannot be in the same location physically. In this type of CART service, the translated text gets streamed into a URL, which viewers can access securely wherever they are. The advantage here is that there is no limit to the number of participants, and the link is available for both computers and mobile devices. Clients can also request specific levels of security and encryption, depending on the intended audience.
  2. CART for mobile devices. Nowadays, mobile devices are more prevalent than computers. If you are looking to provide versatility, you can have CART services specifically for mobile devices only. The key feature of this service is the capability to simultaneously make phone calls and read the transcribed text at the same time. This service needs an internet connection where the CART provider streams the written text.
  3. CART for Conventions. In seminars, conventions, and conferences, it is possible to have CART displayed in full text or layered with a visual presentation. This feature is quite beneficial for large venues because it can be hard to hear the speaker when you are already seated at the back.

In addition to these three common types of CART transcription, you can also request for CART services for small groups such as meetings and focus group discussions.

Why is CART essential?

In any event where there is a speaker, the primary purpose is to relay information. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to get the message across successfully due to a variety of factors. For example, venue size and audience size will significantly affect the experience of listeners. Moreover, every audience is not homogenous. There could be attendees who are hard of hearing or speaks a different language.

Having realtime speech to text transcription serves many purposes. If you want the audience to have equal access to the information you are sharing, the text format will provide the audience freedom to understand what you are saying at their own pace. Having CART also fosters inclusivity and invites confidence regardless of how diverse your audience may be.

Indeed, if you want a more successful presentation, lecture, speech, or event, you may want to consider hiring the services of a professional CART provider. They can improve the audience’s experience, which will also translate to your satisfaction.

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