What Every Customer Service Manager That Sells Furniture Needs to Know

Furniture store display

When you sell furniture you know how important your customers are. Without customers, you would not be in business, so customers must be at the heart of your business and at the center of everything you do.

As a customer service manager do you truly know what makes your customers happy and what keeps them happy? For example, are you going that extra mile to ensure they are happy with their purchase or are you following up after an inquiry with a friendly sales call to check they have all the information they need? As a manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your customers have everything they need to make an informed decision. If you do not give your customers everything you know and more then how can you expect them to purchase from you now and in the future.

Quality Over Quantity

Customers do not necessarily always want to be sold lots of furniture, they quite often want to find quality pieces that will provide the quality for years to come. As quality is often something that can be talked about it is important that you iterate what good quality is and why it matters. If you do not give customers good quality products and service then they will quickly become unhappy and dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, unhappy and dissatisfied customers can affect the reputation and name of your business, and once a brand name has been damaged or tarnished it is very difficult to regain confidence lost from existing and new customers alike. Quality over quantity applies to everything from service and aftercare to products and product ranges, so keep this in mind and ensure everyone within your team knows this information too.

Customers Need Information and Facts

Customers and potential customers come to you for information and they come to you for facts. They will use these facts, together with information to make an informed decision and hopefully a purchase too. So, when you are letting your customers know about office chairs, you need to let them know about ergonomic chairs, and when your customer is asking about beds and mattresses you need to support them and help them learn. For example, you could advise them to find out about the importance of sleep and to learn more about your sleep cycle which can vary from person to person, and affect everything they do the next day. When you give customers the facts and information they need they will trust you, so ensure everything you tell them is factually correct and accurate.

Customers Are Kings and Queens

You should know by now that your customers are valuable to your business and valuable to your team, and as such, they should be treated like kings and queens. Treating customers like royalty and ensuring that they are always happy, content, and satisfied with what they are purchasing will ensure that customers will return to your furniture store time and time again. If customers are not treated well or are treated poorly at any stage of the purchasing timeline then they will remember this the next time they come to spend money.

Choice Is Important

Your customers need a choice and if you do not give them choices they will simply visit other shops and spend their money there. Customers like a choice for all furniture, from dining sets to sofas and bedsteads. If you do not give customers adequate or suitable choices then they will ultimately make their purchases elsewhere simply because they will not be able to guarantee that they are getting the best product for the best price.

Price Makes a Difference

No matter how much a customer has to spend, the price makes a difference, and it influences almost all decisions made. As a customer service manager, you need to be aware of what prices you are selling the stock for, and you also need to be aware of what your competitors are selling that are similar (if not the same) items for. If your competitors are cheaper then no matter how good your service is the customer will always choose to save money. You must regularly check prices and ensure that your customers are paying a fair and decent price within your shop or store.


Communication Is Important

Your customers need to be kept up to date about what they are buying and when. For example, if they are purchasing furniture that is on backorder you must keep them up to date about where their order is and when they can expect delivery. Letting the customer know when delivery is due is important as they need time to get sorted within their home, especially if they have a large order due, they also need time to sort out work and other commitments they may have to rearrange for their furniture to be delivered. Phone calls to customers are always good as it adds a personal touch, but it is important to remember that a phone call is not always necessary. For example, a quick email or a message may just reassure a customer that their order is on the way and this may be all that is needed. Different customers will have different communication needs and requirements and it is important to tailor your service and offering to them as much as you can. Providing a central point of contact is always good for customers as it makes them feel valued and it reassures them that there is always someone on hand to handle their queries or questions should they have any. As with anything customer communication should be consistently high, all staff and employees must follow standards and protocol to ensure that levels of service are maintained and that they are as high as can be, at all times.

As a customer service manager, you have to ensure that you anticipate your customers’ needs and wants. Customers can be very picky and you often never get a second chance to make a positive first impression, so ensure that you always give the customer good quality, value, and service. Regularly monitor what you are offering to ensure you always exceed customer expectations.

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