Webinar: The Future of Customer Service

Incite Group

Customer service and experience has changed beyond recognition. The modern consumer expects to be able to interact with your brand across multiple channels. From self-service to social media and automated chatbots, you have a plethora of opportunities to provide your customer with an amazing CX. As the customer journey becomes more multichannel, so too must your strategy.

Join the Incite Group 11th July at 14:00 GMT (08:00 AM CT) to uncover how to strategize for a successful multichannel customer experience.

Join this exclusive 45-minute webinar (or receive the recordings) here.

Join leading CS experts:

  • Anders Holmberg, Head of Strategic Gamification, Gucci
  • Nick MacFarlane, Head of Customer Experience, Sky
  • Gerry Brown, Chief Customer Rescue Officer, Customer Lifeguard

During this webinar our leaders will be revealing:

  • How to integrate data from multiple touchpoints and use the insights for a seamless customer experience
  • What innovative technologies will shape customer service in the next five years and how you can plan for and incorporate them
  • The role CS agents can play in this new era and how they can leverage the multiple touchpoints of the customer journey to meet consumer demands

Join this exclusive 45-minute webinar (or receive the recordings) here.

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