Warmable Aims To Help Customers With Next Day Visits

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Two entrepreneurs from London have highlighted a problem with the boiler industry in the UK and have set up a new brand called Warmable to help consumers and businesses save money.

Warmable, which launched last month, is an online portal that connects customers with more than 1,000 professional engineers and installers across the UK with the goal to provide a same day or next day visit on site.

Founders Richard Speer and Daniel Tannenbaum discovered that more than 1.75 million new boilers are installed every year in the UK, whether they are gas, oil, electric or combi – and they cost customers between £1,500 and £5,000 for the full purchase and installation.

“The problem we found is that when your boiler is faulty or not working, you are in a desperate state because you have no hot water or sometimes no water at all for you and your family,” explains Tannenbaum.

“You will likely find yourself in a desperate position, needing a repair or replacement asap and paying well over the market price because you are desperate,” he mentions.

“Meanwhile, the average homeowner or business has no idea of how much this should all cost and they might be paying thousands extra to put their mind’s at ease. But if they had taken time to compare rates and find the right engineer and worked with someone impartial, they could have made a huge saving.”

“With our current cost of living crisis in the UK,” Speer adds, “as households, we do not have thousands of pounds spare to fix or replace boilers. We think there is an injustice happening and we want to help consumers save money.”

Warmable has spent more than a year partnering with over 1,000 professional engineers across the UK, Wales and Scotland, ensuring that they are licensed, registered and able to provide affordable and reasonable quotes.

When you complete a boiler request form online on Warmable.co.uk, you can do this in just under 3 minutes.

You will get an immediate call-back from either a licensed and registered installer or plumber who works within a 5 mile radius or you will be directed to their call centre to answer some further questions and best place your enquiry.

It is a completely free service to use, taking a fee from the engineer or installer and the idea is that you can get visited on the same day or next day, get an impartial quote and get back to your boiler working smoothly again.

The company has just launched but has a target of serving 5,000 customers in its first year, with a spike expected during the winter season.

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