Useful and Professional Online Tools That Can Assist Every Office Worker

Video Conferencing

If you work in an office or have a white-collar job, as many people do, then it is in your best interest to be as efficient as possible. It will not only make you more effective at your job, but it will also make you more productive.

Office work can be overwhelming for most people especially considering the sheer amount of paperwork to do. The good news is that technologies are arising every day to help you have an easier time at the office than you otherwise would.

The following are some valuable and professional online tools that can assist every office worker:

GoTo Meeting

As an office worker, you are probably required to attending various meetings during the day. These meetings need you to be constantly on the move, which may take a long time. The meetings may also waste a lot of time if employees take them as time for interaction.

Therefore, video conferencing software can be tremendously helpful to conduct your meetings. GoTo Meeting is currently one of the best video conferencing tools on the market. The software offers an opportunity to have secure online meetings with incredible audio and video quality.

GoTo Meeting will substantially cut down on your meeting times and be more productive as an office worker. You can hence use the spare time to perform other crucial office duties.

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Another type of online tool that can help just about every office worker is CRM software. CRM or customer relationship management is a strategy that companies utilize to interact with potential or existing customers. CRM’s simple aim is to improve business relationships.

Salesforce Sales Cloud is one of the best CRM software on the market. Salesforce Sales Cloud offers many customization options and automation capability that gives office workers incredible flexibility.

You can integrate the Salesforce Sales Cloud platform with third-party apps to make it even more customized. It is a cloud-based platform, so you have unlimited storage. It will definitely help any office worker deal with customers more efficiently.

Word Unscrambler

Every office worker has to deal with words daily. However, words are not always presented in a useful manner, and you have to change them so that you can apply them. The good news is that there are tools to help office workers with precisely that task.

A great tool to use in this regard is Unscramble. It is a word unscrambler that can help you with any string of scrambled letters. It is also straightforward to use.

You can choose to run the unscrambler on your web browser, and it will help you quickly find words directly from a dictionary database. Whenever you put in a string of up to fifteen letters that don’t make sense, the unscramble will provide you with a list of possible words.

Office workers can use the word unscramble when writing reports, memos, or any other document that needs writing. They can also use it to make sense of scrambled documents that are necessary for work.


As an office worker, you are involved in doing one or multiple projects. These projects can be challenging to manage, especially if you are juggling several of them. Therefore, project management software can be tremendously helpful when doing these projects.

ProofHub is the leading online project management software utilized by millions of office workers around the planet. Its users primarily prefer it because it helps to bring all the work to a single place. The software also allows teammates to have harmonious interactions with other teammates and clients.

ProofHub has plenty of features that make remote project management very easily such as feedback channels, discussion platforms, and online proofing. It is an all-in-one project management software that can be very helpful to office teams that want a better level of project management productivity.

Troop Messenger

If you work in an office, then you are probably part of a team or department. It is in the organization’s best interest to have teams that work well together to be productive. With companies becoming more global and workers working from far distances apart, team collaboration tools are becoming even more essential than before.

Troop Messenger is one of the best online team collaboration tools you will find. It is a compact tool that will benefit companies of all sizes. Troop Messenger is a simple tool to use, and it is very functional.

Team members can interact in various ways, including instant messages, audio calls, video calls, and can create unlimited groups on the platform. They can also share their locations and files on the platform. As far as communication between remote office workers is concerned, Troop Messenger is one of the best tools.



We live in an age of data, and as an office worker, you will probably deal with a lot of information on a day-to-day basis. Sharing such a vast amount of information via email is simply not possible. Therefore, you need cloud storage services that will enable you a great deal of storage space and easy access to data whenever you want to retrieve it.

Dropbox is one of the most efficient and user-friendly cloud storage services in the world. Dropbox will provide you with a modern workspace from which you can access as much data as you want. Office workers can hence share their documents and collaborate with incredible ease.

Dropbox allows for sharing large files, which sets it apart from many other cloud storage services, and it is also affordable. The Dropbox cloud storage system has an API that makes it useful for remote collaborators working in remote offices.

There are many tools that an office worker can use to be more efficient and productive. Examples include productivity tools like Krisp, feedback tools like Chimp or Champ, and time management tools like Hubstaff.

The tools above are only a fraction of the online tools that office workers can find helpful. However, if you can fully utilize the tools outlined above, you will have a much better time in the office and even have spare time to do other things you desire.

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