Tips You Need to Choose a Customer Enablement Platform for Your Business

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The marketing landscape has become more competitive; customers now have options and can purchase from anywhere in the globe; the relevance and survival of your business depend on how you can integrate and adopt new technological advancements to enhance customer satisfaction. In many organizations, the first point of contact between customers and the organization is the customer service section, which puts a lot of pressure on the customer service team.

Though the internet facilitated a global marketplace, however, since the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses are now online. The situation makes customer service essential to the success of your business; customer service is vital to your relevance in the global market since a happy customer will more likely return and make an additional purchase.

Customers are now more than ever before leveraging technology for their purchases. One of such trends that you can integrate into your business to ensure your customers are happy is the zero-touch self-service approach.

A zero-touch self-service approach makes your customers happy and reduces the pressure on your customer service, marketing, and sales teams. These three departments are very crucial to onboarding, especially when you need to launch a new product into the market.

A holistic zero-touch self-service approach may be tasking on your available resources, and you may have to outsource to a customer enablement platform.

What is a customer enablement platform?

A customer enablement platform specializes in the processes and strategies your business needs to improve the overall customer service and enhance customer experience. The platform facilitates the tools, training, and resources your customers need to use your products or services effectively.

A customer enablement platform dramatically reduces the tedious tasks that customer service, marketing, and sales teams do during the onboarding process. Your organization will ordinarily need multiple categories of tools used by various departments to enhance customer experience.

Still, a customer enablement platform combines all these tools to deliver a purpose-built platform for software enablement. It is a means for the enhancement of total experience strategy, where you improve both customer experience and employee experience.

Before integrating the services of any customer enablement platform, you must ensure that it can make your customers carry out the following six vital tasks working together and with minimal input from your customer service team:

1. Create

Your organization will fundamentally use the short form of 2-3 minutes long browser recordings and the long form of an hour-long Zoom recording, demos, and webinars to share information. A customer enablement platform should enable your organization to record brilliant short-form videos and ingest and enrich long-form recordings, delivering a single source of knowledge.

For the technical staff to create new content without depending on marketing, you may need your customer enablement platform to provide a purpose-built lightweight editor for your organization.

2. Organize

Your business may have existing videos scattered over different platforms and devices such as YouTube, Google Drive, and Zoom Cloud Recordings through LMS solutions; you will need a customer enablement platform to organize the scattered information for accessibility and easier comprehension for your customers.

Organizing your scattered information can be done through the Smart Video Platform technology that will provide the location (Which application and location inside the app) and topic (What is the topic discussed in the video as distilled from the transcript automatically generated by your customer enablement platform?)

3. Publish

Your customer enablement platform must provide your organization with multiple means to publish and share your video content to deliver information at the point where your customers need it and in the proper context.

Examples include:

In-context videos – will enable the customer to use the underlying software product.

Browser extension  – delivers knowledge across any software tool in your tech stack that teams can use daily – for example, Salesforce or Outreach when engaging with a customer or Zendesk to respond to a ticket.

Web app – delivering knowledge from the web application as a single video, playlist of multiple videos, or via a shared video portal accessible by a specific customer.

4. Discover

You will need a contextual library that will provide content recommendations based on application location and the ability to search using natural language. Your videos could be of customers sharing their experiences using specific product features for unique workflows and adding context around each solution.

5. View

Can your customer enablement platform design a video player that will provide maximum know-how with minimal effort? This video player assists your customers in quickly assimilating the relevant information while carrying it out on the required software.

Your customers should be able to jump directly to the relevant application and perform the same workflow.

6. Analyze

Your organization needs advanced tracking and analytics, including real-time events with engagement metrics and insights on the key trends. Your customer enablement platform should integrate into your tech stacks: when sending emails (Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, Outreach, Hubspot), Slack for communicating with customers, Zendesk to resolve support tickets, and Salesforce or Hubspot to score the leads and contents in the CRM.


Customer service as the first point of contact with customers is critical to your organization’s relevance in the global market; you need to ease the pressure members of the team encounter in their daily tasks. A customer enablement platform can create a format your customers can love to consume, help onboard them quickly, and provide continuous updates of new functionality.

When your customers increase their video views, and your organization records a decrease in support tickets, you have picked the right customer enablement platform.

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