Tips for Small Business to Develop Customer Service

Small business manager

The icing on the cake for your customers is good customer service, which is why according to the 2018 State of Global Customer Service Report, 95% of respondents indicated that customer service is important to their choice of brand.

Quite often, front line support staff hold the key to customer success. It is especially true for people working with small businesses like Carpet Cleaning CanterburyIn this case, the company is known for going the extra mile for it’s customers.

In this article we will discuss some small business customer service strategies to help you. As you set up service channels, simplify customer service collaboration, use customer support software, and review your performance, we will discuss everything you need to know to succeed in customer service.

Make your company easy for customers to access

It is important to set up customer service channels that are suitable for your particular customers. Many consumers prefer telephone customer service (39%), while other consumers prefer email (20%), online chat (16%), and self-service (12%). Some people prefer social media. Whatever channels your customers prefer, do your best to offer them a personized service. Share customer information across all departments so that clients are immediately recognized when they contact you.

Customer service teamwork

The people who handle work orders in your business can help with problem-solving in customer service. It will make your customers happier and your working day more effective. Make sure you and your staff function as a whole and give consistent service. It can be hard, and communication problems can still occur even when there are only a few people in your small business. The easiest way for employees to correct the situation when things go wrong or a product fails, is to offer certain advantages on future orders. The only difficulty he or she will experience is if the customer doe not agrees. The long-term solution is to encourage your staff to work together to resolve consumer problems and make sure they don’t happen again,

Customer response at all levels is timely and readily

Customers want their time to be valued, and they don’t want to wait for a response when there is a problem with a product or service. Most customers expect brands to reply to emails within 10 minutes and to answer the phone within a few rings. You can implement a real-time customer service plan here. As a small business such as Upholstery Cleaning London, you can ensure that your lines are available and consistent across all channels. In addition, verify email and social media accounts by establishing a clear process to communicate with customer service when you and your other employees are involved.

Think of how you use customer care software

Small companies do not usually handle hundreds of requests for customer service daily, and therefore a large team of individuals is not always necessary. You can even think about automating some of your customer support functions. SaaS companies  may want to consider some kind of CRM or chatbot functionality. This kind of technology is meant to automate crucial operations and make the service efficient for your customers.


One of the biggest problems for entrepreneurs and small businesses is how to provide excellent customer service. By making your company accessible, working as a team, responding quickly to customer requests and implementing new technology, you will establish a solid reputation and ensure that current and new clients remain loyal to your brand.

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