Three Ways Technology Can Boost Your Customer Service

Customer service technologyWhile the golden days of service with a smile are by no means over, and the key to providing great customer service still comes down to our people skills, incorporating the latest technology could give your business’s customer service that extra boost to set you apart from your competitors.

In this article, we’ll explore different examples of innovative technologies that are designed specifically for the customer service industry. Why not try incorporating some of these into your organisation in your endeavour for exceptional customer service?

Social Media

Using social media to interact and build a relationship with your customers may have once been revolutionary, but these days it’s old hat. Having a Facebook and Twitter account for your business is a must these days, and is a great tool for promoting special offers and events that your business is holding.

Of course, social media is of the proverbial fire of the business world and we’re all familiar with the most infamous hashtag gaffs. Back in January 2012, the marketing department at fast food giant McDonalds thought it would be a good idea to start a Twitter campaign, using the tag #McDoStories, asking customers to share their experiences. The idea backfired, with people largely discussing negative aspects of the brand and it was subsequently removed as a thread from the site.

To make sure you don’t make a similar mistake, take a look at this guide from Forbes magazine, of 31 Twitter tips for your business account. You should also make sure your accounts are maintained regularly, to spot anything that could potentially be harmful to your brand. When you do come across a negative comment or complaint, rectifying this in full view of all users will benefit your brand and contribute to your success.

Go Mobile

The popularity of smartphones means that it’s now possible to contact consumers more than ever, reaching out to them in their work, home and personal lives.

As well using things like social media, email and web versions of your company website, mobile technology is also the perfect opportunity to create an app for your business. Some of the biggest brands in the world, including the likes of Starbucks, offer in-store mobile payment, as a fast and efficient alternative to cash or card.

These apps can also be used by customers to locate the nearest branch of a business and to access special offers. Take a look at this post from for tips on creating an app for your business.

Membership Software

Membership software is a useful tool for businesses that rely on customer data. Having a database of your members allows you to identify trends in consumer behaviour, such as how often they’re visiting your business and their activity when they do, making it easy for you tailor your services to suit these trends.

This software is also useful for organisations that have a dedicated Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) department, in the sense that the data based can be used to store information about clients and their accounts.

These examples of technology are by no means here to replace traditional customer service. Rather, their addition to your business should enhance how well you are able to serve your customers and meet the needs of the consumer.

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