Three Quick Tips to Keep Customers Happy During the Holidays

Two friends Christmas shopping

The holiday season can be stressful – for customers and businesses alike. Here are three ways to better engage with customers during the holidays, brought to you by Zenarate.

1. Empathy First

Customer empathy starts by seeing things through the eyes of others. Through understanding and conveying a sense of shared experiences – “I know how frustrating that can be” – a bond is forged, and hostilities are lowered. Empathy is a key driver of brand perception. 71% of customers say that businesses that have shown empathy during the pandemic have earned their loyalty.

2. Soft Skills Matter

The ability to acknowledge customers and be an expert problem solver requires customer-facing employees to have a well-rounded set of knowledge and skills. For instance, while AI offers incredible advantages for some types of customer engagement, it can’t replace critical soft skills that strengthen human connections and improve experiences.

3. Embrace Active Learning

People learn by doing and practicing real-life scenarios before becoming experts. This is critical during the busy holiday season. Leading approaches, like simulation training, help associates confidently approach the busy holiday season. By mastering best practices first, team members can be prepared for almost any situation a customer can have.

The holiday season is a challenging time for many businesses – but it doesn’t have to be. By following these tips, you can better engage with your customers and make the most of the holidays!

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