The ‘Uberization Event’ – London – 26th September 2019

‘Uberization’ is now listed in the Cambridge dictionary. And it is used daily all over the world to symbolise the shift towards a consumer focused, digital economy, where the dynamics between consumer and provider is equitable, transparent and fair.

This Uberization effect has come to all services; where the customer comes first and real-time messaging is key. Next week our power Breakfast Panel looks at the shift towards self-service, tracking and real-time two-way communications.

Localz believe this is the first event focused on how Uber is impacting service communication. Localz has grown three fold in the last 18 months, in product, people, customers and geographies. Localz are the global team responsible for aligning service communications with uber.

Power Breakfast Panel

Experts will discuss real-time communications, customer expectations and the changes that are to come. Register here:

Tech Talk – Localz in 15 minutes.

CTO Melvin Artemas, UX Head Myka Hecht-Wendt and Emma Lampert, Global Head of Customer Success, are sharing how Localz are helping service companies and retailers uberize their communications. Smart messaging and real-time location technology works seamlessly to create the best online, offline and mobile experience. Localz work with with British Gas, Autoglass, Rentokil, DPD, Woolworths (Australia) and HSS.

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