The Chatbot Is Dead, Long Live the AI Sales Assistant: Chatfuel’s New AI Sales Assistants Allow Fast Scaling

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Chatfuel, the behind-the-scenes chatbot builder with a long history as the provider of the majority of Facebook messages, today announces the immediate availability of a suite of autonomous generative AI agents.

The sales-focused AI agents are optimized for SMBs in ecommerce, enabling customers to proceed through the sales cycle without human involvement. An official Meta partner, Chatfuel already integrates with Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

“Chatbots are dead,” exclaimed Fedor Pak, Chatfuel CEO. “With new generative AI we can move far beyond the old chatbots that used simple scripts with easy answers. Chatfuel is not a copilot with pre-written customer support responses. Our new AI Sales Agents today offer the type of online information and context that once demanded human intervention. We aim to fully automate the sales process right on messenger apps. Chatfuel literally provides the fuel that allows small businesses to grow quickly and economically.”

Chatfuel AI Sales Assistants

 Chatfuel Sales AI Assistants

A no-code platform, Chatfuel is designed so its AI agents can be trained and set up in as little as 10 minutes. These agents focus on sales workflows such as cross-selling and follow-ups, answering frequently asked questions, processing orders, creating bookings, and other related tasks.

During Chatfuel’s beta rollout, one small business implementing Chatfuel’s AI agents reduced hiring expenses by 300%. Another customer said that they were achieving sales conversions with no human beings directly involved.

“It’s a just-add-water type of solution where a business owner can set up their own agents. If they want to literally ‘hire’ one of these Chatfuel agents, they can have it trained and ready to go this afternoon,” Pak continued. “Businesses can be fast and nimble using these agents – staying one step ahead of their competition. The agents respond in real time to a broad range of questions. They can suggest new products customers may be interested in and ensure that all customer questions are addressed.”

Agents are trained on Chatfuel’s analysis of a range of sales methodologies. The training divides sales skills across multiple agents to make sure each task is handled by the most appropriate AI, and models are optimized for peak performance in their respective roles. Tightly aligned with CRM systems, the agents are designed for very narrow use cases and fine tuned to ensure they can actually handle real-life daily sales challenges. Chatfuel will continue to develop the AI agents to soon deliver a full complement of skills for horizontal growth, moving on to marketing and more.

“We believe in the vision of the ‘one billion man company’ where AI employees and even whole AI departments will handle repetitive tasks, while the human team focuses on strategy. The goal is to democratize AI applications for businesses of all sizes,” said Pak.

About Chatfuel

Founded in 2015—an early Y Combinator company—and a messaging market leader, Chatfuel aims to help companies communicate with their customers at scale. An official Meta partner, the company was one of the first to provide messaging to Facebook and has facilitated more than one billion conversations every month for 7 million business clients on social media platforms including Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Chatfuel has received investments from Y Combinator, 500 Startups, the Knight Enterprise Fund, and Greylock Discovery Fund. For more information, visit:

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