The Best Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions Providers

Natural Language Processing cognitive computing technology concept

Over the years, the demand for Artificial intelligence has steadily increased since more organizations are seeking digital frameworks to make them stand out in the business landscape.

In particular, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is making great strides towards bettering the conversational aspects of businesses. In a nutshell, NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand and interpret the human language in spoken and written form. It is the main innovation behind the engine that performs functions such as task prediction and dialog control.

In this article, we want to show you some of the world’s best NLP solution providers:


Addepto is one of the top data science and AI consulting companies operating in over 12 countries. Among many services, Addepto will help you with designing, implementing, and developing NLP-based algorithms and applications. In general, Addepto’s services consist of comprehensive consulting services regarding big data analytics and data science, business intelligence (BI), machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and even AI software development. With Addepto’s help, your company will make the most of NLP.

Deeper Insights

Deeper insights is an award-winning NLP and machine learning company based in London. They typically help businesses make bolder decisions through internet data and AI. Its greatest invention is the skim engine that allows firms to analyse their competitors, gather data about customers, and monitor the markets. The skim engine is trained to make huge data feeds more manageable, filter out unnecessary information, and find specific content. Deeper insights also have a number of AI models modified to identify geographical locations in documents, predict a company’s financial stress from financial reports, and recognize specific features of a product.

InData Labs

InData Labs, a Cyprus-based data science firm, offers a range of AI and ML services to businesses from various industries. The company has particularly excelled in NLP- and AI-based solutions, featuring a number of awards in the fields.

It helps businesses strengthen data security and increase business efficiency with custom Large Language Models (LLMs) development. InData Labs is known for embedding generative AI and LLMs into workflows to provide better business agility and personalize customer services. As part of its LLM services, the firm conducts virtual assistants development enabling businesses to optimize costs and personalize at scale. InData Labs’ service quality and achievements demonstrate it’s one of the most promising Generative AI & LLM providers in today’s times.


Exceed AI is an NLP and virtual assistant provider that offers edge-cutting solutions to sales and marketing teams. What makes it vital is how its virtual sales assistant software utilizes conversational AI to ensure that each lead is followed up with and nurtured. The Exceed’s sales assistants interact with leads through email or a chatbox on the website. It also updates the CRM with the latest lead status, e.g., when they leave their company, change jobs, or ask to be contacted later.

Businesses use this technology to:

  • Convert website visitors into leads.
  • Activate cold or dormant leads.
  • Reach out to leads that recently engaged in low score activities such as content syndication and engagement in social media posts.


It’s a US-based company that was founded in 2005. It develops cutting-edge technologies such as speech and sound recognition, search technologies, and natural language understanding. Their mission is to enable humans to interact with objects around them the same way they interact. Some of the products it features include sound Hound-a music discovery app and Hound- a voice-enabled digital assistant. The company takes pride in their customized voice AI that allows people to talk to cars, smart speakers, phones, and even coffee machines.


In essence, Grammarly is a digital writing assistant that helps people write more effectively and clearly in English. Grammarly scans texts for common grammatical and formatting errors such as misused commas and misplaced modifiers. Their writing assistant also gives suggestions based on personal settings and how the recipient is likely to respond to the message. It organizes writings by a theme to facilitate an easy understanding of what to improve on. Today, multilingual speakers can utilize this online tool to improve grammar and idiomatic phrasing.


Mindmeld is a technological organization based in San Francisco, California. Their flagship invention is the deep domain conversational AI platform that helps businesses develop smart conversational interfaces for all sorts of algorithms and applications. It was recognized by the Entrepreneurs magazine as one of the ‘100 brilliant companies’ of 2015 and crowned as one of the world’s ’50 smartest companies’ of 2014 by MIT Technology Review. Their blueprints for common conversational use cases include:

  • The food ordering technology (allows users to order food or drinks from nearby restaurants),
  • Video discovery (allows users to browse and find movies from large content catalogs),
  • And home assistants (which allows users to control various devices and appliances.)


Gong is an Israeli startup that helps revenue teams to realize their maximum potential by revealing customer reality. Its revenue intelligence platform captures customer interactions on email, web conferencing, and phone calls and gives detailed insights to help revenue teams make decisions based on data rather than opinions.

Thanks to their NLP-based solutions, Gong also provides their clients with:

  • Deal intelligence solutions: Gong enables firms to see all their customer interactions and identify risks, and work jointly and effortlessly in a team to close deals.
  • People intelligence solutions: Gong gives an insight into how representatives and managers perform their tasks every day and recommends the best practices based on top performances.
  • Market intelligence solutions: They provide information on what happens on the market in order to facilitate and improve the decision-making process.


The last company on this list is based in Montreal, Canada. Keatex is a world-leading NLP provider that helps businesses cultivate great relationships with their customers. Their goal is to help their clients understand and prioritize customer feedback. Keatex boasts of their strong analytical tool that processes unstructured feedback and gives accurate data that helps in gaining meaningful insights into the customer sphere.

This NPL company also gives full access to what customers are saying in reviews and surveys, enabling firms to improve brand awareness and perform important product updates. Thanks to the AI-powered platform, it is now easier to synthesize large volumes of feedback, minimizing the response time. It requires no preliminary setup and features multilingual analysis and real-time visualization of trends.

As you can see, Natural Language Processing (NLP) plays a vital role in bridging the gap between human and machine communications. Its real-world applications cuts across the business and consumer spheres, helping resolve ambiguity in language. It is applicable in many contexts, from law and medicine to real estate. NPL is expected to continue growing in the coming years as a vital part of almost every industry.

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