Team Work: Harnessing the Power of Teams

Team work is essential to any company who wants to succeed. Learn more in this article.

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Teamwork is the sum of all the parts that creates an atmosphere of trust, respect, and a willingness to go the extra mile. It’s therefore important  to hire people who are of the same mindset, worth ethic, and who can coordinate and combine their skills to achieve your goals.

In order to develop good team work in any company, it all begins at the top. The manager must invoke a sense of pride among the employees; offer praise when appropriate; respect each member of the team as an individual; and bring them together using good communication skills, as well as listening to their ideas individually and collectively.

As the team leader, it is incumbent upon you to ensure the goals are clear and understood; the responsibilities of each team member is delineated; involve them in the decision-making process; and afford them the opportunity to offer suggestions either individually or as a group. Conversely, it is also important not to single out any one person for contributions made as this may cause friction within the group. Emphasizing team spirit is the key; and being consistent as a leader is crucial.

If problems arise, deal with them immediately. Keep all discussion confidential. Accept suggestions and recommendations; offer feedback, and always keep the team on track. Ensure they do not lose sight of the goals you’ve set; and encourage them every step of the way. Do not show favoritism to any one individual, buy certainly praise the individual for a job well done in a way that is not detrimental to the team nor makes them feel they’ve failed.

Team work can be accomplished, but it takes time. With so many personalities to deal with, once the common denominator which brings all of the individuals together is found, you will have a successful team.

As a leader, however, it is up to you to direct; advise; comfort; challenge; instruct; and sometimes correct members of your team. If you are fair, respectful, and honest – the team members will trust and develop a great deal of respect for you; thus producing grand results.

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