Teaching English as Your Side Hustle

Online English teacher

Teaching a language is one of the most incredible jobs you can have: it can help you understand local traditions and ways of life, not to mention the honour of getting an insight into an entire culture, wherever you choose to look for a job. By teaching English to either children or adults as your side hustle, you could be making money while exploring literally anywhere in the world! Join us as we think about ways to make extra money through teaching.

Online or in-person?

In terms of whether to choose online or in-person English teaching, for many reasons, it is probably best to start with just one online company, and there are several other good reasons for this too.

First of all, it allows a prospective worker to find out if teaching English online is actually going to be the right fit for them, and if not, to walk away from the table before the demands become too onerous. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for honest and thoughtful reflection about the ramifications of the decision. For example, some online schools with less students from Christian faiths may not have flexible leave around Christmas and festive winter holidays, while others may be more willing. Which option suits you? It is better to be frank and open about this early on in the process, to avoid potential confusion and difficulty later on down the line.

Also consider that, for online teaching to be smooth, a separate space away from the noise of cafes, any family also at home, local traffic and so on must be near the top of the list. In this way, both yourself and the area can be much more clearly focused on the teaching process, making it simpler for instructor and pupil alike to stay right on track. In addition, it has the added bonus of minimizing the likelihood of any unfortunate or embarrassing moments happening.

Live the digital nomad life

You may have noticed that many countries are now offering digital nomad visas: a brand new class of visa created by some countries to combine aspects of existing visas with brand new elements tailored to those working remotely. This means you can become an online teacher and make that extra money you need from the comfort of your home, or perhaps while you enjoy your travels. It may even mean that you can legally take a remote teaching job abroad on a long term basis. Time to get those digital plans in action!

This is great news if you are interested in teaching online for a school and avoiding the anchor of a physical location to keep you tied to one place. It’s possible to earn the upper levels of pay if you have a TEFL certificate with upwards of  120 hours of teaching included.

Consider personality

When it comes to learning English, a great deal of learners are choosing to invest their time and money into a person rather than a textbook. This means that most of them are looking for an interaction-based session, where the tutor is fully present in the real or virtual classroom, as opposed to doing it literally just to pay the bills. Whichever way you look at it, and however lucrative the wages from some schools can be, teaching is a job that requires a lot of your energy, even if you only do it a few hours a week.

Although many deem humor to be a necessary tool in the teaching kit, that is actually more of a myth than a day-to-day reality. Think of your own personality and how to maximise that to engage your learners.

 Being genuine and real with students is non-negotiable. Learners can see right through a mirage or an individual who is merely  phoning it in, so anyone thinking about this line of work really has to be willing and ready to put in their fair share of hard work to earn the trust of the students, and keep the quality of the content high.

Think of your own schedule

How much time do you have that you are willing to use for teaching? How much extra money are you looking to make? Some schools will happily let you take a few classes here and there without too much commitment, others will want you to be there for the same students, week after week for an entire course. Be honest with yourself about what you need, and what you are prepared to invest of your time.

So now you have a few ideas, it’s time to get your thinking cap on, do some research, and make teaching your side hustle!

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