Six Communication Tips for More Happy Customers

Customer Service Rep (CSR)

Are you looking for ways to delight your customers beyond the standard realm of satisfactory customer service? Try communicating with them more effectively.

The ways in which you interact with your customer base will have a much greater impact on your company’s reputation than the products you offer, the pricing you set or the building in which you do business. Communication is the cornerstone to healthy customer relationships – as well as a healthier bottom line. We have tips to help you ramp up your communication with customers today.

1. Use Plain Talk

Littering your explanations with technical jargon and trade talk will only serve to frustrate your customer. Stick to plain English when providing explanations, and if your customer looks confused about something you are saying, ask if they would like you to explain further. This is especially true when you are explaining the benefits of a product, since your customer will only consider the purchase if they truly understand what you are saying.

2. Tell a Story

Instead of citing a long list of statistics and dry data to a customer, try telling a story about how a product or service could make their life more convenient. Anecdotes and analogies will go much further in holding your customer’s attention and helping them understand your products and services at a level they can easily understand.

3. Avoid Interrupting

There are few things more frustrating in a conversation than a person who constantly interrupts you in mid-sentence. Make sure you allow your customer to finish their thought or sentence before cutting in with your own input. By giving them a chance to explain the situation in full, you are also much more likely to gain an accurate understanding of the situation the first time around.

4. Stick with the Positive

Effective communication leaves out negative phrases littered with “no” and “cannot” and replaces these with “yes” and “here’s what we can do.” It is true that you may not be able to grant every customer request exactly the way your customer wants it, but chances are there will be something you can do to satisfy the situation. Stick with what you CAN do, and you will end up with satisfied customers more frequently.

5. Ask for Feedback

When in doubt, ask your customer what they would like you to do about a situation, or if there is anything else you can do to make their experience with your company even more satisfying. Ask how they feel about your customer service, and what they think you can do to improve. You never know what you might learn from a customer simply by asking the right questions.

6. Listen, Listen and Listen Some More!

Finally, communication with customers is one part talking and three parts active listening. Take the time to really hear what your customer is saying, so you can accurately identify the problem and offer a solution. Customers like nothing better than to be listened to.

Communication with customers is the cornerstone for positive relationships, so take the time to hone the skills of your CSRs. With these tips in mind, you can rest assured the large majority of interactions with your customers will be pleasant and infinitely satisfying.

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