Showing Your Employees You Care: 4 Factors that Drive High-Quality Customer Services

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Today’s customer has countless options when making a purchase. This means prioritizing customer experience is one of the most effective ways to stand out in the crowd.

As a business owner and employer, it is essential to understand that the quality of your customer care can only be as good as your team and how happy they feel.

In other words, a motivated team will help you deliver great customer experiences, and the opposite is true.

This article highlights the connection between employee satisfaction and how it can impact customer experiences.

Employee’s Experiences Have a Direct Impact On Customer Experiences

Almost everyone experiences a bad day once in a while. On such days, not many show their best side. Instead, most people tend to be grumpy and would rather be left on their own.

The same happens when a job experience feels like an eternal bad day. If an employee doesn’t love their job because they do not feel appreciated, their bad experiences will be seen in how they perceive your company or treat your customers.

Today’s employee does not hesitate to leave a job, or an employer they feel does not put their interests first. But there is good news.

Employees can now check out employer reviews before applying for a job on employer review websites such as, helping them identify the best employers based on reviews left by current or past employees.

An employer can also benefit from this site by checking out their ratings to help them improve employee experiences to attract and retain the right talent.

How to Inspire Your Employees for Better Customer Service

1. Self-Development

Every employee dreams of making progress in their career. But to make progress, they need to learn new skills. Allowing your employees to better themselves by training them communicates that you care, significantly promoting Loyalty.

This sense of Loyalty results in better customer experiences because your employees will be as eager to please your customers as you are.

2. Find Out What Motivates Them

Many employers assume they know what their employees need. Others think that good enumeration is all it takes to make employees happy. While good enumeration may be a great way of employee motivation, it is important to hear their opinion on what they think is important.

One way of knowing what they need is through conducting surveys through questionnaires. Alternatively, you can engage them in an open conversation where every team member can voice their opinion, which must be taken seriously.

Establishing what your employees feel and what they think is important to them as it communicates that you have their interests at heart.

If a team feels that you have their interests at heart and you are proactive at ensuring their interests receive the attention they deserve, the same will reflect in their interaction with the customers.

3. Share the Customer’s Love

Receiving love from your customers as the CEO or business owner can give you a great sense of pride. Sometimes you may be tempted to hog in all the glory. You may even win awards and recognition for your accomplishments. However, you must never forget that you did not do it alone.

Taking all the credit can result in your team feeling left out, which can have dire consequences on their perception of your organization or your leadership skills.

The right thing to do is acknowledge them by voicing your appreciation for the work done and what the customers think about their service.

This approach evokes a sense of accomplishment in your employees, which effectively encourages even better performance, ultimately boosting your brand’s customer experiences.

4. A Positive Environment Equals Positive Experiences

Your team can only exude what their work environment offers. Therefore, it is important to cultivate a positive work environment and company culture.

Creating a positive work environment involves listening and acting on every employee’s concern.

For example, if an employee complains of abuse or mistreatment from a co-worker, do not make the mistake of brushing it off or telling them to get over it. Instead, act and resolve any contention among your team, even if it means getting rid of the toxic person.

Toxicity doesn’t only come from co-workers. Some customers may be harmful too. If there is a case of an unreasonable customer, never put them ahead of your employees.

Protecting your employees and showing that you care about them creates a positive working environment that drives positive customer experiences.

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