Secrets to Retaining Players at Online Casinos

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The success of an online casino depends on its ability to retain players. Learn about the best practices and strategies that will help you retain your user base.

How to keep your players

Customer Retention is a set of activities to retain customers within a product or to ensure repeat sales. The concept is relevant for all verticals where earnings are based on long-term services (gambling, betting, dealing, binary options, crypto).

Customer Retention Rate (CRR) is a metric that demonstrates how well a company retains customers. It is measured in percentages.

CRR = ((Number of customers at the end of period N – Number of new customers in period N) / Number of customers at the beginning of period N) x 100%

In practice, this works as follows. At the end of the previous month, online casino X had 5,300 active players. In 30 days it managed to attract 1200 new ones, but some old ones stopped playing. At the end of the month, they counted 5600 users.

Therefore, the CRR of online casino X = ((5600 – 1200) / 5300) x 100% = 83%

User retention incentivizes users to spend more money on the platform and increases LTV (customer lifetime value). In turn, this allows for more earnings for both the affiliates working under the RevShare model.

Customer retention and loyalty building

Customer Retention is aimed at building loyalty in four dimensions:

  1. Customer Satisfaction. The main driving force that works in all areas. If a customer likes the product, there is no reason for him to cut off interaction with the current service provider and move to another one.
  2. Customer delight. For effective customer retention, mere satisfaction is not enough. Companies must keep customers interested in the product, delight and surprise them by providing exceptional service and quality of service.
  3. Customer relationship management. Companies can increase retention by focusing on long-term relationships instead of one-time benefits. The choice depends on the product the business offers as well as its internal policies.

Retention department in online casinos

One vertical where Customer Retention Rate (CRR) is particularly important is iGaming. Online casinos profit solely from long-term player interaction – minimum deposits don’t even come close to covering the cost of running the business and paying affiliates. In this competitive landscape, innovative strategies such as offering no deposit bonuses have become crucial.

For example, Fair Go Casino effectively utilizes this approach by providing no deposit bonuses, to both new and existing players, which serves as a strong incentive for players to continue engaging with the platform. This tactic not only helps in maintaining the Lifetime Value (LTV) of the players but also distinguishes the casino in a crowded market. To maintain LTV, many gambling entities have a Retention Department – a department that deals with retaining customers and motivating them to spend more money on the platform.

Ways to retain customers at online casinos:

  • Login bonuses encourage users to log in more frequently by creating positive associations with rewards, which can be offered daily or multiple times a day, like spinning a prize wheel.
  • Players completing tasks are rewarded, promoting daily interaction and long-term engagement.
  • Loyalty programs increase bonuses with the player’s spend, offering higher cashback and special rewards as users level up (Member to Platinum), enhancing their gaming opportunities.
  • Mini-games provide additional variety and rewards, making the gaming experience more engaging and diverse, like the “Lotto” mini-game with a large jackpot for the winner.

High Retention is not only necessary in online casinos. The mechanics of player retention are best developed in mobile online gambling. All the tactics used by games to retain players are also borrowed and used by online casinos and online bookmakers.

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Customer retention and revenue share

Under the RevShare model, the arbitrageur receives a percentage of the revenue instead of a flat rate per lead. The more players spend in the casino, the more revenue the affiliate earns. For the latter, it is extremely important to analyze before pouring: how it works with customer retention. It is much more profitable to start cooperation on RevShare with the provider with whom players stay for a long time.

To check, the first thing to do is to ask for the CRR percentage from the affiliate manager. Next, if you really want to be sure of the reliability of the partner, it is worth checking the quality of the services he provides yourself. Go through the path of an ordinary player and evaluate how interesting the interaction with the product was, whether you want to repeat the experience. If you liked it, your leads will probably like it too. Evaluate not only the bonuses at the entrance, but also the “push” of the player from the service. SMS and push notifications, emails – everything matters.

Why it matters

RevShare is an extremely profitable model of cooperation, but it is not suitable for everyone. A webmaster’s income directly depends on the quality of his traffic and the work. If the latter does not “push” the players, advertising costs will not pay off, regardless of the efforts spent and personal results of the affiliate.

Understanding the mechanics of Customer Retention makes it possible to choose the right affiliate partner, build mutually beneficial cooperation and earn money for both interested parties.

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