Quality Customer Service – A Philosophical View

Often we get in such a hurry living, we lose sight of the important things that bring value and meaning to our lives.

Shopkeeper and customer

We spend much of our time repeating old habits and patterns, not really paying much attention to where these habits are taking us.

Consistently giving quality service to your customers can help you bring value and meaning to your life. It will even bring you happiness, fulfilment, joy and success.

Our lives are given real value and meaning by our relationships with people, not by our relationships with things or possessions. Quality service is entirely focused on developing excellent relationships with people. Therefore, quality service is one of the best ways we all have to bring value and
meaning into our lives.

Think about the last time you were involved in creating a positive memorable experience for someone. What went on in your mind and in your heart as a result of this experience? What effect did this experience have on the meaning of your life?

Developing caring relationships with other people is one of the best ways to bring joy and happiness into you life. Our customer relationships offer us numerous opportunities to do this each day. Don’t miss out on your chance to create “the good life” for you and your customers.

At some point in most people’s lives they begin to seek fulfilment and inner satisfaction as much or more than pursuing tangible wants and needs. They search for something that is missing that will make their life complete. Often during this search, they discover that giving is one of the keys to this inner satisfaction.

Quality service is all about giving in relationships with others. Some people have come to believe that giving means to sacrifice and lose something. The world tells them that what they have is diminished if they give. Others know that giving is one of the quickest paths to getting and expanding. We can only have more by giving more.

For example, consider one of the big pursuits of life, the pursuit of money. People usually want money because of the things they can do with it that will provide some sort of inner satisfaction. However, it is easy to lose sight of this fact and start seeking money as an end in itself. When people do this they are clearing chasing the wrong thing. They are, in effect, trying to trick money into their life instead of pursuing the true sources of money – giving. After all, people usually turn their money over to you because you give them something they want.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with money. However, some people clearly get the “cart before the horse” by saying things like “I’ll give good service when I start getting paid to do it.” I believe that if you focus on positive giving of any kind, (especially quality service in a healthy business), tangible rewards will be a by-product of your efforts. But remember, for something to truly be considered a gift, you must expect nothing in return. Amazing things happen when you give with this attitude.

Let’s look at another aspect of quality service. Quality service creates specific moments of value and meaning in your life. You may have read about the theory of quality service that is based on “moments of truth.” This theory says that each day we have numerous chances or moments to create a positive memorable experience for our customers. It is interesting that most of us do not really remember years, weeks or even days. We usually only remember moments.

It is our everyday interactions, both large and small, that create meaning in our lives. Each moment that we serve others, we have a new chance to create a positive memory. People seem to think more and more about these memories as they get older. Start recording some meaningful moments today. You will enjoy reflecting on them in the future!

About the Author

Chris Crouch, president and founder of DME Training and Consulting, is the developer of the GO System. The GO System is a structured training course designed to improve focus, organization and productivity in the workplace and is taught by corporate trainers and professional organizers all over the country.

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