Critical Priorities for Extraordinary Service

Ask yourself this question: What are the vital few ideas and actions that really make a difference with customers and clients?

Bad Customer Service Does Not Happen Overnight

Bad Customer Service does not happen overnight. The good news is that it can be corrected.

Connect to Your Customers Through Your Customers

When you improve service in every direction of your life, you’ll find new ways to connect to your customers, through your customers.

Like the boomerang, getting customers to return, takes skill and practice. Ed Rigsbee presents his P.A.R.T.N.E.R.S. model for creating and sustaining customer loyalty.

Here are some of the key ingredients for putting the “wow” back into your customer’s experiences.

Keep the Customer in Your Sites

Sometimes we get so caught up in making a living that we forget what life is all about: helping and sharing with people. And it is this – to help people – upon which customer service is based.

The most important thing in business is to attract and retain your most profitable customers. Read on to discover how to accomplish this feat.

Customer Service: Little Things Matter

Kevin Dwyer reflects on a recent customer service experience and wonders why he feels a bit under whelmed.

5 Ways to Have a Love Affair with Your Customers!

Rosemary Rein reveals how to re-ignite the romance with your customers.

How to Improve Your Call Center

Improve customer service in your call center by following these useful guidelines.

Crafting Your Sales and Service Value Promise

Learn the essential elements of developing a sales and customer service value promise.

Quotes for the Customer Service Professional

Here are a few humorous quotes to ponder and reflect on.

4 Steps to Spectacular Customer Service

Implement this simple 4-step process for creating a spectacular flashpoint culture of your own.

Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction

Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction have been hand in glove since the beginning of time. Measuring that satisfaction, however, is another story.

Turn Your Employees into Customer Service Dynamos

Follow these three guiding principles to help your employees generate their own ideas for improving the customer experience.

Customer Service – A Proactive Step

How to take the proactive step of creating a customer charter.

Renewing Customer Loyalty: A Five Step Plan

Every business loses customers, but not many do much about getting them back. Here’s what that means in practical terms.

Have you ever called a company and been greeted with the phrase “Hold, please”? Does it make you think that customer service is dying?

The Fickle Customer

Michelle McKinnon lists five simple steps that every employee can take to help keep customers loyal.