Looking to Invest in Photocopiers and Printers for the Office – What You Should Know

Photocopier in use

While the majority of businesses are shut down and potentially working remotely at the moment, there will come a time where things open back up and the new normal begins to take shape.

For business owners, it’s only natural to start thinking ahead to when things go back to normal in terms of their business being open and employees returning to the office, as well as giving thought as to how things can be improved. Sure, there will likely be some customer retention issues and new leads to find, but there are also other areas that need attention such as the equipment in the office itself.

A couple of key pieces of equipment that never quite get the attention they deserve, that is until they don’t work properly, are photocopiers and printers. Whether your office has just one of each, or multiples, these pieces of equipment need to be able to work in order to print documents, files, invoices, quotes for clients/customers, and more. So, rather than wait for them to stop working and deal with a massive headache, why not get in front of the problem and look at investing in new machinery now.

Set a Budget

A good place to start is by setting a budget. How much can the company comfortably afford to spend on new copiers and printers? One way to make it more affordable is to look at buying gently used equipment or take advantage of low lease rates that give you access to some of the newest tech out there.

What Do You Need from the Machines?

It’s also important to think about what you need from the photocopiers and printers in the office. How often will they be used, what will be the expected output, how many people will be using each machine, how many machines do you need, what software do they have, what computers do they need to be compatible with, and so forth.

Answering these questions will ensure that you narrow down the list to the best possible options.

Do Your Research and Find the Ideal Partner

When it comes to choosing which company you want to partner with to supply your photocopier and printer needs, this is where you need to do some due diligence. As KBS Group stresses, it’s not just about finding a company that offers the machines you’re after, it’s about finding one that can listen to your specific requests, help steer you in the right direction, save you money wherever possible, and back up the products with high-quality customer service.

What About Parts and Labour?

Finally, you want to inquire about parts and labour. No-one wants to think anything will go wrong with the new machines, but it is a possibility. It needs to be made clear how you can get issues fixed, how long it will take, and what would be covered under warranty or a service plan.

Each of these considerations will help ensure you get the right machines for your specific needs and budget.

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