Learnship Launches Sprint to Make Customer Care Professionals Fluent in English in Record-Breaking Time

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Learnship, the business language learning solution provider, announced the launch of Sprint Business Skills Customer Care today.

The fast-paced, online learning solution helps customer service professionals acquire relevant English vocabulary to better communicate at work.

With the need to understand and meet customer expectations in no time, and enhance customer loyalty, customer care professionals know they need excellent communication skills in English. But learning a foreign language can take years of hard work.

“Business goes much faster than that. This is why we developed Sprint: to allow professionals to increase their business English skills in a matter of weeks and make an immediate difference in the workplace,” said Robert Szabo, Vice President of Learning Sciences, Learnship. “As a company with many customers in the distribution sector, we are used to providing specialized Business English support on customer care topics.”

As its name suggests, Sprint Business Skills Customer Care revolves entirely around customer care stakes. Learnship’s professional writers dived into authoritative material, researching the current and future challenges of customer care management, to develop an intensive five-week course where learners focus on topics that matter to them, such as dealing with late deliveries, returning goods, or faulty products.

Each week, learners get to take on new indispensable vocabulary through engaging digital modules, and spend a full hour practicing relatable scenarios, such as answering customers’ questions about delayed deliveries or processing a return, with a professional trainer, until they become foolproof. For more flexibility, everything happens online – which also means the trainers are recruited based on their expertise and field of competence only, regardless of their location.

Sprint Business Skills Customer Care software

Features of Sprint Business Skills Customer Care at launch include:

  • An initial placement test to assess the learner’s proficiency
  • A five-week program, available from A2 to C1 levels, focusing on customer care content
    • One hour a week of self-paced digital learning content
    • Five weekly 60-min sessions with an expert trainer
  • Unlimited access to additional tools, such as email templates, a news feed, and a culture center that can be used directly on the job.

“We developed Sprint Business Skills Customer Care as part of a bigger project we call Precision Learning: we target the challenges of a position, a department, or an industry and create customized content that addresses these specific needs. We currently offer 15 courses covering various topics ranging from logistics to negotiations, working in remote teams, and finance – with many more to come over the next months.”

About Learnship

LearnshipLearnship is a leading provider of online language learning solutions. They help enterprises succeed in global markets by breaking down cross-cultural communications barriers

Founded in 2008 in Cologne, Germany, more than 2,000 businesses worldwide depend on Learnship to boost employee development, improve global collaboration, and increase business impact, including DHL, Rakuten, Mars, and Salesforce.

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