Improving Customer Service Through Microsoft CRM Software

Microsoft CRM software

Customer service is one of the most challenging and rewarding departments for every company. You can multiply your bottom line by streamlining the customer service for every product and service.

One of the most revolutionary CRM software specifically for customer service is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service CRM.

In this post, we discover all the software capabilities and how you can use them to leverage growth in your business.

  1. Automation

Automation is now the most significant part of the customer service industry globally, and Microsoft CRM has now enabled even small businesses to automate crucial tasks.

You can easily create virtual self-service assistants for customers who are available 24×7 with hundreds of advanced capabilities.

Some of the best features are –

  • Customer service executives have omnichannel support as they can answer customer queries from all channel including chat, text, social media channels, WhatsApp and other on one single dashboard
  • You can easily download and analyze customer support reports, including the history of interactions, number of tickets raised and resolved, significant cases, and a lot more

All of these tools and features are fully customizable. You can add or remove your preferred columns. You can also tweak the rules that go behind the features so that the focus remains on the areas which bring in the maximum results in the company.

  1. Use of AI to increase productivity

Microsoft CRM is equipped with AI that is aimed at increasing efficiency. The software keeps feeding your staff with relevant information to improve the response speed.

The customers’ questions will be analyzed with all the available support resources of the company. The support executives will get suggestions on blogs and videos that will solve customer queries.

Some pro tips –

There are endless customizations that you can do to increase efficiency, and these are some of the ones suggested by us –

  • Divide the current open chats with a filter of total revenue linked with customers or prospects. Separate individuals and priority should be given to high-value accounts to provide them with a premium experience.
  • Automate reminder messages and promotions to existing customers who have been active customers in the past.
  • Integrate the CRM with ERP or any other software that you use for accounting and maintaining customer records. This will reduce the time to tally data and prevent any mistakes.

Another important thing is integrating the Dynamics 365 voice, which is an excellent tool to get customer feedback. It is an automated system that takes feedback from every prospect, thereby presenting you with all the significant issues and reports to focus on areas that need attention.

  1. Leveraging the power of data analytics and BI

Just like other Microsoft software, Dynamics 365 Customer Service leverages the data you produce to provide insights.

It has inbuilt AI functionalities, which continuously provide insights about trends and opportunities in every sector. You will also get to know about the products that you should focus on along with the target market.

You can easily validate marketing campaigns by dividing the service division for each of these. The type of conversions you get from those campaigns can be analyzed with these insights.

  • Sentiment analysis in the software allows the executives to give additional benefits to the customers to prevent issues
  • You can also get to know of areas which raise the highest tickets and need improvement
  1. The power of IoT

This is probably the best part of the software as it gives incomparable power in businesses’ hands.

You can easily create remote commands and make changes in the systems of all your customers at once, even before those are required. This will basically be resolving bugs even before the customers get to know of them.

The inbuilt software also creates automated alerts to your executives for problems that may be faced by your customers. All of this can also be automated, which will significantly reduce the number of raised tickets and the satisfaction level for your products.

  1. Additional tips and hacks

These are some of the tips that you can use to simplify processes further:

  • Automate the complete process from when a ticket is raised to when it is closed. Automated emails should be sent to the responsible members of your team. The cycle should continue until the issue has been closed by the customer.
  • Set up automatic updates to customers about progress in their issues.
  • Set up alerts and filters for positive sentiments in chat, which indicate a prospective sale. These leads should then be transferred to the sales department.
  • Use automated systems to reward the most performing employees in your company to motivate all of them.
  • Set reminders and other alerts for subscription-based clients. Also, create funnels and processes for upselling to customers with relevant products and services. Read the data for upselling with analytics and continuously make changes to improvise it.


As you have read, there is no end to what you can achieve with the right approach in Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Start now by implementing the strategies mentioned above in your business, and you will surely see tremendous results!

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