Improve Customer Service via Clever Business Building Design

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You may lead the business industry in terms of your products but if your customer service is unsatisfactory and if it feels like a minefield to reach anyone for help, then most likely your Net Promoter Score (NPS) will suffer and customers will just continue to know about their rippled bad experiences. That’s why is your go-to website when it comes to making sure your business and website is accessible and it includes everyone for better business framing.

Effective Customer Service Tips in Serving Customers With Disabilities

There are more than 61 million Americans who have mobility, sensory or intellectual disabilities that should be part of your clever business building design. When you have them in mind, you are thinking of customers, investors, and supporters who need assistance through your various channels of information. Whether this is through text messaging, chat, email, voice calls, videos, or infographics, your cutting edge is to prioritize people and reach your pinnacle of success with your clients as allies. As well as making the digital side of your business user-friendly to everyone, make sure your business premises are too.

  • Treat all your clients as valued customers. Never disrespect or cherry-pick those with disabilities.
  • Be in the know of your business accessibility features. Talk to your Human Resources and inquire about your ADA Compliance. Make sure you have a personalized service for those who come in wheelchairs, perhaps a ramped entrance is available. You can always suggest safer access areas to your customers.
  • Ensure a safe and clear path for customers who are in mobility devices and use service animals. You can always ask out of concern whether the animal is trained to perform a helpful task or if it is needed for a disability.
  • If you’re dealing with a customer or client with a disability and are using a mobility device, always ask permission if you need to move this as this is considered to be part of their personal belongings.
  • If you want to assist, you may also ask for permission ahead of anything and wait for the response of the concerned individual. Never assume your next actions but listen to special instructions coming from the person.

Don’t let your business property attract any kind of lawsuits just because you have not been keen on seemingly simple building rules such as keeping the dimensions of your parking space, even making sure that your disabled parking sign is placed in the right spot.

Say goodbye to all the struggles juggling your attention to managing your tools to better respond to your customer needs. You have already heard of Intelligent or Smart Buildings. Contact and talk to an expert regarding:

Staying Away from Any Kind of Lawsuits

Anyone who has ventured into any kind of business which involves people are bound to ADA compliance. Which means you should be well aware of both state and federal regulations as a business owner. It’s a emulsifying stage in building your business together with your architect overseeing your entire project. Proactively, get a survey and report through our help to avoid any costly lawsuits.

Leveraging and Increasing Your Revenue

Once your business location has the accessibility setup correctly especially for customers with disabilities, you can increase your business sales because you made sure you were compliant to ADA by securing remediation support and secured state regulations.

Managing Cost Properly

By getting in touch with, you will be confident to go through the items that need to be avoided to not go against disability accesses also will know some ways that will effectively correct them. There are now known incentives for businesses who will follow the barrier removal. Find out more about readily achievable cost analysis from ADA Compliance Pros.

As your disability access consultants, we aim to help you achieve a top notch customer service by making sure you have reached everything to be ADA compliant.

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